Fashion Game! Is It Needlepoint Fashion or a Needlepoint Pillow?

Now that it's fall, we're starting to see the needlepoint trend that emerged on the runways in February all over again--and close up they aren't much fancier than, say, a needlepoint pillow. So how about a game?!

One of the most surprising, and kind of adorable, micro-trends from the fall runways--which we're seeing all over again because it's now fall--was needlepoint. Crafty needlepoint details featured heavily in collections by Dolce & Gabbana, Balmain and more. We even just found out about this adorable Fendi needelpoint kit with which you can needlepoint your own Fendi baguette!

Needlepoint also features heavily in grandma-y pillows and couch cushions. So we thought it'd be fun to play a little game we like to call: Fashion or a Pillow?

We've placed close-up shots of pillows next to close-up shots of runway looks and it's your job to guess which one is the fashion and which one is the pillow. The answer will appear on the following slide. It's harder than you think!! Click through to play.

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