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10 Fashion Reunions We Really Want To Happen

Lately it seems like reunions are everywhere: the Beverly Hills gang in Old Navy commercials, Entertainment Weekly's Reunions Issue, the upcoming Arrested Development reunion (the only one that truly matters, let's get real). Funnily enough, no one called us to see who we'd like to see reunited, so we thought we'd make our own list. We're not ones to be left out of a trend after all! We put our thinking caps on to come up with ten fashion reunions we'd like to see here at Fashionista - we will even moderate. It's guaranteed to be way chicer than your high school reunion.

Lately it seems like reunions are everywhere: the Beverly Hills gang in

Blair Waldorf and her Headbands

Yes, we've discussed the

Karlie Kloss and Dior

It seems that once John Galliano lost his job at Dior, Karlie Kloss was out too. We get that the brand has taken a different aesthetic under Raf Simons. Still, we can't help but miss seeing Karlie in Galliano's fantasy designs for Dior. It was one of her biggest and most consistent ad campaigns, and we think she did some of her best catwalk work on the Dior runway.

Apparently, we aren't the only ones - check out this review of Karlie walking for Dior:

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Olivia Palermo and Erin Kaplan

MTv's 2008 series The City was supposed to be about The Hills alum Whitney Port as she made the transformation from a west coast intern to an east coast designer. Midway through a lackluster first season, however, they made the decision to scrap half the original cast and moved the "villain" Olivia Palermo from Diane von Furstenberg to Elle magazine. Here she came head to head with Erin Kaplan, and week after week we tuned in to watch Palermo sass around the offices of Elle all while seriously pissing off Kaplan at every turn. Real, scripted, we don't care - it was the stuff reality TV dreams are made of. These days, Kaplan is at Teen Vogue and Palermo heads up her own website, but we'd still love to see the two of them interact again.

Melanie Ward and Helmut Lang

Melanie Ward was a pioneer in the styling world. She started out in the 80s, but her star really took off after she styled the now infamous Corinne Day shot cover of The Face featuring Kate Moss. After that, she entered a thirteen-year-long partnership with Helmut Lang as both stylist and muse, in the process defining not just the brand but the look of 90s minimalism as a whole. Ward still works in the industry but we still miss her iconic work with Helmut Lang.

Audrey Hepburn and Hubert de Givenchy/Catherine Deneuve and Yves Saint Laurent

Okay, this one is definitely our fantasy pick. But these two pairs teamed up on some of the most iconic wardrobes in cinematic history - Breakfast at Tiffany's and Belle du Jour anyone? Sure, actresses today pair up with fashion houses as brand representatives. We're just nostalgic for the days where an actress was dressed near-exclusively by someone who was not only their designer but also a close friend.