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8 Fun Halloween Beauty Products to Try

It's Halloween! Have you stocked up on face tattoos and caramel apple lip gloss yet? You have a few weeks left.

Holiday makeup sets are a big deal for beauty companies--but when we think of "holiday" we usually think of the winter holidays, not

Sally Hansen Halloween Salon Effects

Sally Hansen has become the gold standard and go-to brand for fun and easy themed nail art. For the second year in a row, the brand is offering its Salon Effects in Halloween designs. In addition to the four patterns you see above, there's a silvery spider web pattern, which Nora has been sporting on her talons all week.


Glitter Spider Web Lashes

You've heard of spider leg lashes--those sooty, separated, 60s-style lashes--right? Well, these are better. As the name suggests, they are glittery spider webs. Perfect for batting flirtatiously at Frankenstein.


NYX Crimson Amulet Collection

OK so critics didn't really adore the movie Dark Shadows (sorry, Johnny Depp) but don't hold that against this palette inspired by the movie. You get 24 eye shadows, 5 blushes, a highlighter, an eye shadow base, an eyeliner, and 4 lip colors. That will last you longer than Dark Shadows lasted in theaters, that's for sure.


Philosophy Trick or Treat Lip Shine Duo

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Yummy lip gloss for grownups. It comes as a set of two flavors--crunchy marshmallow bar and caramel apple. None of the calories, all of the happiness. Plus Philosophy's retro-nostalgia packaging is so cute.


Bath and Body Works Hand Gel

We are big sticklers for hand sanitizing here at Fashionista. There are currently at least four different kinds floating around on our big communal desk right now (subways--yuck). Why not get festive while you're offing those bacterial pathogens? You can't beat the price on this bundle of three creepy cleaners, either.


Something Wicked This Way Comes Bath Melt

Looks like creepy purple soap, but smells like ginger and jasmine. Drop it in your bath, wait for it to melt, hop in, and relax your achy body. Walking up and down all those stairs to go trick-or-treating is a workout.


Rebel Nails Wraps

These self-adhesive stickers take nail wrap art to a new level. Really intricate designs on a shiny background? You had us at, "Boo!"


Face Tattoos

Please, we beg you--do NOT get a real face tattoo. Choose one of these to freak out your mom or significant other instead. Comes in bloody tears, black tears, or a spider web options.

{Claire's, $8.00}