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Here's a Peek at Victoria Beckham's Karl Lagerfeld Shoot for Elle France

Victoria Beckham couldn't wait to tweet the final result of her shoot with Karl Lagefeld at Coco Chanel's apartment. We'd be pretty excited about that, too.
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Back in July, Karl Lagerfeld photographed Victoria Beckham and her flawless figure in Coco Chanel's apartment for an Elle France cover. Beckham tweeted behind the scenes photos from the shoot then, not because she was bragging, but because she was genuinely just as excited as anyone would be to be in Coco Chanel's apartment being photographed by Karl Lagerfeld.

That she couldn't wait to share the final result is just as endearing, if not also a bit jealousy-inducing. She looks pretty amazing as she shows off her perfect stems in two chic pants-less looks on that famous spiral staircase. "First pictures from my @ELLEfrance cover shoot with Karl Lagerfeld, a dream come true! X VB" she wrote. In one of the two black and white images she Tweeted today, she's even accompanied by Lagerfeld, whose face seems to have been subject to some fairly aggressive photoshopping.

Regardless, we can't wait to see what the final cover looks like. For now, click through for a closer look at both pics. If anything, they're great inspiration for a Karl Lagerfeld/Victoria Beckham joint Halloween costume.

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