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How the Fashion Industry Prepped for Hurricane Sandy

Hurricane Sandy is upon us--but the fashion industry isn't letting this Frankenstorm bring them down. We checked in with some of our favorite people in the industry--from The Man Repeller's Leandra Medine to Kelly Cutrone to DKNY PR Girl Aliza Licht--to find out how they prepped for tonight's storm. For an industry that's supposed to shun carbs we are collectively loaded up on them--as well as candy, nail polish, and fashion mags to read by scented candle light. Click through to see how everyone is getting ready. And above all, everybody stay safe!!
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Hurricane Sandy is upon us--but the fashion industry isn't letting this Frankenstorm bring them down.

We checked in with some of our favorite people in the industry--from

Leandra Medine, The Man Repeller:

"In commemoration of the storm, I'm going to watch all the important Sandys on TV: Koufax, Lyle, that chipmunk from Spongebob. I bought Coffee Mate (pumpkin spice flavored) lots of candy corn (I had to ask myself what I would eat if I were only allowed one food for the rest of my life and candy corn was the answer) and ziploc bags to fill up with h2o. I'll probably wear the pajama set I've been wearing for the last week or so but my disclaimer is that I also wore this outfit to a store opening last week (see photo, left).

I'll also write a novella about climate related performance anxiety should Sandy pull an Irene and blame the anxiety on Bloomberg's Spanish.

Also, here's a tip in case you live near Nolita: the market on Prince and Mulberry is staying open through the week and there is *a lot* of Kosher wine left."

Read Leandra's more thorough post on the Frankenstorm

Leah Chernikoff:

"I plan on riding this storm out in sweats from boys' Crew Cuts and t-shirts that I've stolen from my boyfriend. We made a giant vat of chili last night that will hopefully last us until tonight--I waited online to get into the grocery store to get the ingredients. Providing power holds up I plan on completing season three of The League after we finish our work day because I'm obsessed. Also, wine."

Kelly Cutrone, PR and lifestyle guru, ANTM judge:

Cutrone, whose upstate house sustained a lot of

Amy Odell,

Alejandro Ingelmo, designer:

"My store is below ground so we are headed there now to put out a pump and some sandbags. And I bought some alcohol--so I am inviting people over for a hurricane party." Apparently Ingelmo will be serving "Sandy Martinis."

Laurel Pantin,

Mary Kate Steinmiller,

Sarah Nicole Prickett, Globe & Mail:

"Yesterday I ordered provisions (water, wine, cigarettes, cereal) from Max Delivery, but after four hours Max still hadn't come, so I went to the bodega, and of course, Max came while I was there. Now I have the most groceries! ALL the groceries. Also, last night I watched Melancholia."

Susan Cernek,

With my guilty pleasure snacks all stockpiled and ready to go, I've also pulled out a few other rainy day essentials to enjoy once workday hours wind down: Scrabble, house decorating books, vintage Allen flicks, and belated birthday cards that have been waiting to be written for weeks now. To help keep cozy while I stay glued to the local storm watch (and start using words like "surge" and "50-knot winds" with gravity and feigned understanding), I've got my husband, an Alexander Wang cashmere sweater dress and a pack of break 'n' bake cookies in the fridge. I think we're set."

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Erica Domesek,

Dana Lorenz,

Sydney Wasserman,

Lauren Sherman,

Cheryl Wischhover

"After collecting six bottles of water (6pm on Sunday evening was not the time to try to buy water), I filled up every pitcher and water bottle I own. More urgently, I discovered that I was dangerously low on half-and-half. Spending three days stuck in the house drinking only black coffee is almost as horrifying as not having a working toilet, but after several stops, I found some. Phew. Also I have an embarrassing amount of Halloween candy, so I'm set for carbs.

As for light, we managed to dig up a few tiny flashlights and procured a thousand pack (exaggerating, but it was big) of batteries. Also my Malin + Goetz geranium leaf candle is ready to go. (You're supposed to burn it in tandem with the "tobacco" scent, but mine has been really smoky lately and the last thing I need is the smoke alarm going off on top of having no power. #firstworldproblems). I've also downloaded Cloud Atlas on my iPad, but let's face it--I'll probably read back issues of US Weekly instead. "

Nora Crotty

"Everyone knows it's windy! My celebration of Sandy is mostly on the practical side, with the addition of some entertainment by way of The Association's fitting

Dhani Mau

"Currently, Neely (my cat) and I are couching it with NY 1 on while my roommate, who doesn't have to work today because Derek Lam is in a zone or something, is watching Downton Abbey in her room. Food-wise, I have mostly random things that make no sense: leftover Chinese food, brownies, crackers, ramen, grapes, pop tarts, Halloween candy, beer, wine. I don't cook so that's what I have. The striped shirt and leggings I'm wearing aren't interesting at all. Later I plan to watch the Pretty Little Liars Halloween special, then maybe I'll finally start watching Game of Thrones. Con ed better not turn my power off!"

Tyler McCall

"I grew up in Florida so everything I know about hurricane preparedness, I learned in college. Which basically means either I went home and let my parents worry about logistics, or I holed up at a friend's place with lots of alcohol and board games (Hurricane Party 101). So I ended up buying this weird, totally impractical mish mosh of stuff around 3 PM yesterday at the Duane Reade on Bedford: Cheez-its, chips and salsa, PopTarts (which I don't even like), and two bottles of water... oh, and six bottles of red wine. Obviously. Then I decided I needed alternative sources of light, and Duane Reade was out of flashlights, so I bought some fancy candles somewhere on Bedford because if I have to sit in the dark at least it's going to smell good.

As long as the power holds out, I plan on finally catching up on all the Real Housewives and Gossip Girl I've been missing. I can justify this because if the power does go out, I'm going to finally finish up The Brothers Karamazov--you know, just a bit of light reading. And I'll be wearing this enormous Florida Gators hoodie for the duration of the storm. You know, tradition and all."

Hayley Phelan

"I got back from Toronto last night and when I landed I honestly didn't think this whole Frankenstorm would be a big thing. But at around 10 last night my friend finally convinced me that I needed to get supplies. Since I'm also sick (awesome timing, body!) I sent my boyfriend out to get essentials, and he came back with cliff bars, bananas, two kinds of cookies and bread--an...appetizing mix for the next few days. We also have been charging up all our gadgets and downloaded movies on our computers in case our power goes out."

Steff Yotka: A List of Thanks Yous to Everything Getting Me Through Frankenstorm 2012.

1. Thank you Dad for giving me these glow-sticks because Con Ed just called to say they may turn off the power.

2. Thank you Whole Foods for having nothing left in stock by the time I got there yesterday. Always important to stock up on your grocery list B-team because any actual necessities will be sold out by the time you get to the grocery store. I swung into Whole Foods yesterday at 5pm only to find they were sold out of water, bread, peanut butter, and strawberry jam. I now own whole wheat wraps, maple almond butter, and redcurrant preserves. Also at Whole Foods was Nicola Formichetti, in line behind me with a cart full of lotion.

3. Thank you Mud and Moishe's Bake Shop for staying open during every "weather event." I love you, your coffees, and your challah rolls.

4. Thank you to Mayor Mike Bloomberg for your continuing dedication to wearing zip-ups while giving serious speeches on weather emergencies. And thank you to Governor Chris Christie for wearing a zip-up that says "Chris Christie, Govenor" which I imagine is there just in case you forget or to rub it in our faces.

5. Thank you to my roommate Marc for still owning a Fischer-Price record player designer for ages 3 and up. Battery powered music!

6. Thank you Ikea for making putting together chairs an activity that will take me the duration of the storm to complete.

7. Thank you Mom for making me the scariest pumpkin on earth that will soon be staring me down with it's pupil-less eyes from the eerie corner of my dark apartment. (Shameless plug: Please vote for my pumpkin in Ru Paul's Drag Queen Pumpkin contest on Facebook. It's called Pumpkin Spice, and yes, it is actually made out of Swarovski rhinestones taken off my ten-year-old dance costumes.)

8. Thank you to me for keeping my survival guide from Hurricane Irene handy.