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It's Not Over Yet! PPR's Francois Henri Pinault Weighs In on the Saint Laurent Backlash

PPR CEO Francois-Henri Pinault responds to Slimane's critics, including Cathy Horyn. This story will never end!
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And the "silly nonsense" continues. When Cathy Horyn wrote that not-so-flattering Times review of Hedi Slimane's Saint Laurent collection, she claimed that when she complained to PPR CEO Francois Henri Pinault about not having been invited to the show, he "expressed dismay:"

‘That’s ridiculous,’ he said. ‘Journalists should be invited to shows.’ Quite so. But I suspected that Mr. Pinault was in a jam. Having given Mr. Slimane much authority to remake Saint Laurent, he could scarcely take it away from him.”

Hedi Slimane already gave Horyn a piece of his mind (repeatedly). And now WWD has caught up with Pinault, who first praised Slimane's Saint Laurent collection, saying,

Hedi Slimane did a remarkable job. I liked last Monday’s fashion show very much: the Saint Laurent collection exceeded my expectations. The house needed both a renovation and a return to its roots, and with Hedi, we have started down that road.

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And to those who've been criticizing the YSL team's dealings with the press, including Horyn:

I totally stand by the house of Yves Saint Laurent and the decisions made by its teams or its artistic director, and I didn't appreciate that some people tried to use me by linking my name to chatter about invitations or the seating of this or that person.

Just when Cathy Horyn thought she was safe and sound back in New York, fashion month behind her, comes yet another dig. Can this finally be over or can we expect another response? Gaga? Cathy Horyn's boyfriend? Salma Hayek? Can everyone at least just calm down until the long weekend is over? Thanks.