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Louis Vuitton Vs. Kenzo, Fashion Escalators Edition

Who do you think did fashion show escalators best: Louis Vuitton (for spring 2013) or Kenzo (for fall 2012)?

After fall's $8 million train and last spring's dreamy carousel, we expected the Louis Vuitton show to host some of the more extravagant set pieces of Paris Fashion Week.

And of course, we weren't wrong. Because for Spring 2013, Louis Vuitton crammed four fully-functioning escalators onto the runway, which itself was housed inside the already spectacular Cour Carree du Louvre. The escalators were designed by artist Daniel Buren and created an impressive effect when the models descended in pairs down them.

Except that Kenzo kind of already did the models-on-escalators thing.

You may remember that during last season, Kenzo, which is quickly becoming one of the most anticipated shows of the Paris schedule, sent models through a maze of escalators for its fall collection. Set at the Université Pierre & Marie Curie, models descended the already-existing escalators and walked corridors lit by neon lights, while show-goers looked on from different floors.

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Of course, the end effect was totally different, and if you want to take things to the Slimane/Horyn level, you could even argue that Louis Vuitton started the whole models-in-mechanisms trend by sending models up elevators for fall 2011--but now we're just taking things to Inception levels.

Is nothing in fashion new?