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New Start Up Fohr Card Aims to Bring Bloggers and Brands Together

You know how brands partner with bloggers to create editorial content and capitalize on their influence? And how those brands pay bloggers so they can make a living? Fohr Card, a new start up founded by former Tumblr fashion director Rich Tong, Holly Stair and James Nord (all of whom met through Tumblr), aims to streamline that process for bloggers and brands alike. We chatted with Tong's co-founder Holly Stair about how the project came about, the response from bloggers and brands, and what's next.
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Stair said they've been "blown away" by the interest in Fohr Card from bloggers and brands alike. Brands, not surprisingly, like that it facilitates a process that would otherwise require quite a bit of time and research. "Finding new talent, vetting established bloggers and reporting on numbers is something community managers are spending countless hours on, and Fohr Card helps make this process much more efficient," Stair added.

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Stair and her team will continue to update Fohr Card with new features as they see fit. "Over time, our focus will always be on building a service that truly fosters relationships between brands and bloggers," she explained. "If we can continue to grow and maintain this focus, I personally think we'll be in a great position."