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Now You Can See Tom Ford's Entire Spring 2013 Collection

Tom Ford actually released all of the spring 2013 collection images and a video a mere three weeks after his show. Look!

A week after Tom Ford showed his spring 2013 chastity vs. perversion collection to select buyers and editors in London, a few photos popped up online, much to our surprise. Ford has been infamously secretive about his collection and has tried to guard the images carefully, releasing them only when he wants them seen. It seems he’s loosened up a bit this season, though.

Now you can see the whole collection and it hasn’t even been a month since the show! He’s released another one of his rather frenetic videos, which showcases all the looks via a stop motion technique and accompanied by a drum beat which just heightens the sense of excitement. If you’re prone to seizures, you can check out all the still images over on, as well as Tim Blanks' hilarious review, in which he calls Ford a "ham," in keeping with all the meat metaphors that have been thrown around this season.

We have to say the shoes are pretty amazing in a fetishistic way--those knee high sporty looking metallic silver sandals are sick. When will we see Gywneth in them?

Click through to watch the video. What do you think of this sporty-sexy collection?

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