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Rachel Bilson Talks Girl Crushes and Hunky Hart of Dixie Co-Stars at Last Night's Piperlime Event

We caught up with the adorable, ever-stylish Rachel Bilson at last night's Piperlime event to talk girl crushes, stealing clothes from the Hart of Dixie set, and which of her super hot co-stars she prefers.

I really, really want Rachel Bilson to be my new best friend ... and not just so I can raid her drool-worthy wardrobe on a regular basis. Like Zoe Hart, the edgily-outfitted New York City doctor endearing herself to the quirky (and hunky) residents of fictional small town Bluebell, Alabama on Hart of Dixie, the actress herself is just so damn adorable and charming and just as impeccably dressed.

Ever the multitasker (she’s also the celeb partner in online

If you can’t already tell, you’re my girl style crush. Who is yours? The Olsens dress so cute. Alexa Chung--awesome, always. I think Diane Kruger has really good style. I’m trying to think who else...There are so many girls out there that just kill it. I like girls who have individual style. It’s just like they wear whatever they want and it’s easy and effortless.

I’m excited to rush home to watch the season two premiere of Hart of Dixie. Be honest, what pieces have you taken home from the set? Like Zoe’s wardrobe or maybe Lemon’s southern belle pieces? Definitely some of Zoe’s stuff. But I haven’t kept that much. We have to keep it in stock. Maybe when the series ends? Then I can really do some serious damage.

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What pieces do you have your eye on? There’s so much cute stuff: shorts, dresses, shoes. She’s got a REALLY good shoe collection.

Any hints on fun wardrobe things we should be looking out for this season on Hart of Dixie? She wears really cute stuff this year. We kind of stepped it up, I feel. She has COLOR in her wardrobe—a little bit of color, yeah, it’s exciting. Not just black and grey.

Okay, menswear question: Preppy George or shirtless Wade? Come can a girl answer that? Let’s just say: Wade in a hoodie. I like more casual guys than preppy guys, so...I don’t need a shirtless guy...all the time.