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The 10 Biggest Stories That Rocked Fashion Month

The fashion month marathon is officially over. We saw collections we loved, gawked at mega-watt celebrities, flirted with Olympians, hung out backstage with models--and watched everyone hated on Cathy Horyn. So, before you put up your (seriously sore) feet this weekend and indulge in some takeout and bad reality TV, relive all those moments and more as we breakdown of the 10 biggest stories to come out of fashion month. Enjoy!


Ryan Lochte Takes NYFW The Olympians were all over fashion week this season but there was one in particular that was truly inescapable. Ryan Lochte! Whether it was

Le Bitch Slap Heard Around the Tents It's not uncommon during fashion month for tempers to flare - people are running on too much coffee and not enough sleep (and likely not enough food, let's be real). So we're kind of surprised we haven't heard of something like this happening before: French fashion editor Jennifer Eymere of Jalouse, fed up with the "tone" of PR rep Lynn Tesoro at the Zac Posen show,

Cathy Horyn vs. Oscar de la Renta Of course, before her beef with Hedi, Horyn had to deal with another meaty issue, literally - after calling Oscar de la Renta a "hot dog" in her review of his spring show, OdlR

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Hedi Slimane's Saint Laurent Debut--and Subsequent Backlash

Cathy Horyn vs. Hedi Slimane This is still ongoing, but let's recap: This feud reportedly goes back to a 2004 review by the critic in which she stated (innocently enough) that Raf Simons had more or less pioneered the skinny tailoring style which Slimane mastered and commercialized. When Horyn was not invited to the much-hyped Saint Laurent show, she did what she does best: She wrote about it. Well, Slimane was having none of it, and posted an open letter to his Twitter account, calling Horyn a "schoolyard bully" and "a publicist in disguise." Yikes. Horyn, who it should be noted is not the only critic to take issue with Slimane's new (and very tight) reign over YSL, called the whole thing "silly nonsense." If you thought Slimane was going to let bygones be bygones, well, you were wrong. He took to Twitter again to decry what he called Horyn's "tired biased tune."

Oy vey. And just when you thought things couldn't get any circus-ier, who should chime in but Lady Gaga, who had also released a rap (yes, a rap) in which she tells Horyn that her "style ain't dick." Whatever that means. But it doesn't sound nice.