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The 2 Most Buzzed About Shows From Day 7 of Paris Fashion Week

We bet you can guess which show got lots of attention yesterday: Yup, Hedi Slimane's much-anticipated debut for Saint Laurent was all anyone could talk about. But Stella McCartney showed yesterday, too, and her sporty chic spring collection earned her raves--while Slimane's reviews were mixed, to put it kindly. Click through to see what all the critics had to say about the historic day of fashion in Paris on day seven.

We bet you can guess which show got lots of attention yesterday: Yup,

Saint Laurent Designer: Hedi Slimane

  • "Tuxedos, safari jackets and chiffon gowns: the cult designer Hedi Slimane made his hotly-awaited debut for Yves Saint Laurent on Monday with a modern, rock 'n' roll take on the house's iconic silhouette." {

    Stella McCartney Designer: Stella McCartney

    • "Masculine-meets-feminine sportswear. Down to earth but special. ... McCartney has a knack for adding her own kind of edge to everyday pieces." {All The Rage/

      Los Angeles Times}

    • "Fresh, optimistic and relaxed." {The Associated Press}
    • "For women yearning for even more of an alternative to the perfume cloud of Saint Laurent sensuality, the truest one may be sporty chic. Stella McCartney offered oversized and relaxed windbreakers and sweatshirt-style pullovers in a combination of white and orange as well as in sage green." {The Daily Beast/Newsweek}
    • "A gold medal-winning front row looked on as Stella McCartney delivered another hit collection." {The Daily Telegraph}
    • "When sporty goes sexy! Leave it to Stella to merge military shapes, athletic elements, and even eyelet to such winning effect." {Daily Front Row}
    • "That magic mix of editorial-worthy Fashion and real clothes." {}
    • "A classic Stella boy meets girl story." {Grazia Daily Magazine}
    • "The clothes had an ease and a freedom of movement which suggested an unwillingness to return from a summer of sport to the painstakingly constructed and narrowly defined aesthetic of catwalk beauty." {The Guardian}
    • "Old friend, Kate Moss, took her place next to M.IA. Add to the mix actresses Diane Keaton and Salma Hayek and model Natalia Vodianova… Suffice it to say, the paparazzi had a field day. And what of the clothes? McCartney is on a roll and that looks set to continue. The simple, sporty designs she chose to focus on this time around would suit all of the aforementioned women down to the ground and whatever the difference in their age or body shape." {The Independent}
    • "The show’s strengths were in the perforated fabrics, which gave an airy effect, right down to the uppers of thick, transparent platform shoes. The collection felt polished and hyper-modern." {International Herald Tribune}
    • "In one way or another, Ms. McCartney was exposing a female obsession with this collection: how much of one’s self to show?" {The New York Times}
    • "McCartney is a hitmaker. ... Among this season's plissé organza numbers with graphic splashes of bright color, the winner was a racerback style worn by Anja Rubik, its royal blue mille-feuille organza embroideries bisected by a transparent panel at the midriff." {}
    • "Think of it as a kind of fashion pentathlon: the dress class, the shirt class, the work-suiting class, the shoe class, the event-dressing event. McCartney performed well in all areas." {}
    • "It only seems right that Stella take a moment to breathe and it was this attitude we could see working its way through the collection--all loose, easy, slouchy, low slung, nothing was hard to wear." { UK}
    • "Made an ironclad argument that allure and optimism are not mutually exclusive." {WWD}
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