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The 2 Most Buzzed About Shows From Day 8 of Paris Fashion Week

Oh Sarah Burton! How well you played this one for Report Card. Karl blew many critics away with his breezy take on going green for Chanel, but when it comes to scoring the most "buzz," your honeycomb dresses and wasp-waists made you the McQueen Bee. So, about that buzz...

Oh Sarah Burton! How well you played this one for Report Card. Karl blew many critics away with his breezy take on going green for Chanel, but when it comes to scoring the most "buzz," your honeycomb dresses and wasp-waists made you the McQueen Bee.

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Alexander McQueen Designer: Sarah Burton

  • "Honeycomb dresses, insect-like visors and caramel corsets cinching their waists, designer Sarah Burton sent a procession of queen bees buzzing into Paris." {AFP}
  • "Fashion is body armor. At least it is for Sarah Burton, who tapped her fantastical imagination for Alexander McQueen to conjure up fashion week's most original show: Mixing insect-like armory with on-trend stiff bar jackets of the New Look, as well as 19th century crinoline." {The Associated Press}
  • "Holy honeycomb! ... Burton's perforated perspective lent a masterfully light touch to even the darkest and subversive-hewing of looks." {Daily Front Row}
  • "Sarah Burton's Spring '13 collection for Alexander McQueen was quite literally buzzing with excitement." {FabSugar}
  • "A number of garments--dresses, shirts, and jackets included--demonstrated a clever use of the wasp waist. When could it be more appropriate to revive this McQueen trope than in a collection inspired by bees? Yes, the inspiration here came across literally, but the clothing certainly didn't suffer for it." {fashionologie}
  • "The queen bee and her hive were the starting points for a collection which was, as is right and proper at McQueen, tempting as honey but with a deadly sting." {

    The Guardian}

  • "Sarah Burton created a sharp, magical bit of fantasy on Tuesday night for McQueen. ... As always, the McQueen workmanship was impressive, but Ms. Burton captivated her audience with the textures and humming society of the queen’s world." {On The Runway/The New York Times}
  • "Forget the obvious--she has, after all, proved herself the McQueen Bee with a spectacular string of buzzy fashion coups. Instead, think about a honey-based color palette, plus the patterning possibilities of comb, plus the frisson of the bee sting, plus the salient fact that Burton is an expectant mother. All of which equals a collection as conceptual and precise as anything from Lee McQueen's heyday, but with an added--and odd--intimacy." {}
  • "The pretty, exaggerated prom dresses, studded with flowers (after all, bees need pollen) at the end expressed that lightness best. McQueen has a large list of personal clients who queue for dresses made to measure. They’ll be swarming all over these." {}
  • "This really was a perfect collection--taking honey in all its forms and working it up into the most beautiful clothes." { UK}
  • "Less than a day from the close of a grueling, seemingly endless fashion season, it seemed fitting (if perversely so) to celebrate those bastions of hard work and distinctive, functional design--bees." {WWD}

Chanel Designer: Karl Lagerfeld

  • "Like a stylish hint to the renewable energy powering the classic house.." {AFP}
  • "Light and fun, even if it did blow in a lot of different directions." {All The Rage/

    Los Angeles Times}

  • "A bright, fun and diverse collection brimming with great new ideas." {The Associated Press}
  • "When there's no smoke, there's fire. Karl Lagerfeld's cheeky-chic Spring collection paraded down a path lined by wind turbines, as if to extinguish any notion of Le Smoking ... and infuse the world-weary front row with a breath of fresh air." {Daily Front Row}
  • "Was Karl Lagerfeld poised to join Livia Firth and Katharine Hamnett as a tub-thumper for sustainable fashion? Oh no." {The Daily Telegraph}
  • "An airy collection with a futuristic vibe--but don't think spaceships; think of a nicer, greener world where we've figured out solar energy and have clean air." {FabSugar}
  • "A breezy, elegant take on fashion kept even cooler by the remarkable stage set." {Fashion Wire Daily}
  • "If the clothes ... spoke of innocence, the marketing of the money-spinning accessories confirmed experience." {The Independent}
  • "A lighthearted affair, full of visual humour." {The Guardian}
  • "Any emotion, fashion drive or energy was just gone with the wind." {International Herald Tribune}
  • "Chanel can be accused of obtuseness and political incorrectness; it once trucked in an iceberg. In the end, the turbines didn’t really add anything to the show, except an absurd sense of delight each time you looked up at the white blades." {The New York Times}
  • "Lagerfeld's Chanel, once again, left us surprised and at the edge of our (desk) seats." {Refinery29}
  • "Those turbines might also have been a metaphor for the designer’s own astonishing reserves of energy, expended this season on a dizzying deluge of ideas poured into the 80 looks that careened down that epic runway and ran the gamut from baby-doll frocks in linen chambray, denim, or gingham tweed, to sophisticated long evening dresses in monastic black and white." {}
  • "This was the chicest take on ecology you've ever seen." { UK}
  • "Lagerfeld’s enthusiasm for such range, and his ability to realize it so masterfully, is part of what makes his Chanel the phenomenon it is." {WWD}