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The 3 Most Buzzed About Shows from Day 6 of Paris Fashion Week

Sunday was a very good day for the fashion week lunch bunch, with Sister Maria looks at Givenchy and cute jungle cats prints at Kenzo. But for the woman of a slightly older demographic, critics concurred that Céline's furkenstocks--and inimitably chic new twist on soigné dressing--made a powerful statement for the working mother who would wear her house slippers proudly out in the world. The critics have spoken, and here's what they said.

Sunday was a very good day for the fashion week lunch bunch, with Sister Maria looks at Givenchy and cute jungle cats prints at Kenzo. But for the woman of a slightly older demographic, critics concurred that Céline's furkenstocks--and inimitably chic new twist on soigné dressing--made a powerful statement for the working mother who would wear her house slippers proudly out in the world.

Céline Designer: Phoebe Philo

  • "The British designer Phoebe Philo had some fun with her footwear, sending out models in flip flops with fluffy fur-lined soles, like a cheeky footnote to the look. Frayed hems, on skirts or dresses, added to the relaxed feel of the sharp-tailored collection." {AFP}
  • "Phoebe Philo--at the top of her game--produced an effortlessly chic display." {The Associated Press}
  • "There were new silhouettes, new bags, and some outrageous new shoes; mink high heels and mink-lined pool sandals that were near-instantly christened 'furkenstocks'. In fact, so jam-packed with juicy innovation was today's Céline collection that a full jostle of fashion editors descended backstage to pump--extremely politely--its designer Phoebe Philo for information." {

    The Daily Telegraph}

  • "Philo's collection delves into new territory, most notably with her accessories, but also with other twists--quite literally: the twisted fabric looped over a shoulder and fastened across the chests and waists of her tops, creating a new architectural storyline in the midst of her simplified, more menswear-informed silhouettes." {FabSugar}
  • "The freshest take on modern dressing seen so far this season in any of fashion's great four cities--a poetically evocative affair." {Fashion Wire Daily}
  • "Black, white, and navy dominated; on silky tops, wide-leg trousers, cropped leather tees, boxy blazer vests, and mesh-paneled dresses, they looked striking and allowed for Phoebe Philo's new twisted fabric motifs to really shine." {fashionologie}
  • "The headline act of this Paris fashion week has been billed as a duel but it should more accurately be seen as a battle royale, with three contestants rather than two." {The Guardian}
  • "Philo's latest offering was a hugely confident move forward and one that told a warmer story." {The Independent}
  • "Her return on Sunday was a powerful statement--but not about the graphic edge she had given to her 30-something, work-hard sisters. Céline had gone soft, from satin wrapped round the bust or hips, as nonchalantly as the sleeves of a cardigan, to the fluffy sandals that were both witty and adorable as a link to hearth and home." {International Herald Tribune}
  • "Ignoring the tumult about the new designers at Dior and Saint Laurent, about the new minimalism and the return of the tuxedo--or perhaps not in the mood to play along--Ms. Philo on Sunday sent out a remarkably different silhouette, lean and full of slouch." {The New York Times}
  • "The Céline woman who emerged at that Avenue Foch venue today was somewhat different: stylish, yet slovenly even, elegant in a dishabille way. Yes, you could imagine her sitting down; in fact, you could imagine her sprawled out on a couch. And the Céline woman was all the better for it." {}
  • "What she’s advancing here is a picture of what it’s like to be a woman now. As a designer, her mission is empathy and practicality. The litmus test is not the 'look' or the 'theme,' but whether her droves of customers will see how this collection can be picked apart to fit all the angles and lights in which they have to be seen in their own life. The answer: yes. Add nonfurry heels, and it would still work." {}
  • "It was the wrapping that was the main story here--was Philo telling us she had it all wrapped up? Quite likely." { UK}
  • "In a tight lineup she proposed several ideas, some strong and others that felt labored and uncomfortable, as if the next step may not be an obvious reveal. It made for interesting viewing." {WWD}
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Givenchy Designer: Riccardo Tisci

  • "Virginal chic was the watchword ... as Givenchy unveiled a summer collection of monastic simplicity, demurely chic and deeply luxurious." {AFP}
  • "A less elaborate display--but which had its moments of clean elegance." {The Associated Press}
  • "The power-goth of former seasons had evaporated, leaving a trace of toughness, for sure, but a toughness that was refined and mature." {}
  • "Though thoroughly accomplished, the show did not quite reach the heights of recent Givenchy outings." {Fashion Wire Daily}
  • "Despite the striking accessories, like metal chokers embellished with wood and shoes with studded Plexiglas heels, the eye kept flying back to the superb and satisfying clothes." {On The Runway/

    The New York Times

  • "[A] beautiful, quite refined collection." {}
  • "Transcendently chic and controlled." {}
  • "A beautiful collection that combined serenity and edge." { UK}
  • "Delivered the kind of fashion one hopes to see in Paris: confident, modern and, yes, chic." {WWD}

Kenzo Designers: Humberto Leon and Carol Lim

  • "The pair drew inspiration from a recent trip to the rainforests of southeast Asia, bringing back a look they billed as 'urban safari.'" {AFP}
  • "After just one year at the helm, the hard work of designers Humberto Leon and Carol Lim has paid off: They've managed to re-stamp the brand with a cool, populist edge." {The Associated Press}
  • "Girly, fun, and with plenty of utilitarian explorer-wear detailing, this collection will do nothing to dissuade the faithful from the new church of Kenzo." {

    The Daily Telegraph}

  • "Humberto Leon and Carol Lim looked to the Southeast Asian jungles for inspiration, but the fully realized Spring '13 lineup was the kind of safari-inspired style that's more suited to the city." {FabSugar}
  • "The collection’s forte was in the prints: digging into Asian nature but making it seem contemporary, rather than flowery." {International Herald Tribune}
  • "It was Kenzo's unbeatable prints that stole the show. Leon and Lim have completely re-envisioned the animal print--their version is unexpected, brilliantly colorful, and irresistibly charming, all at once." {Refinery29}
  • "All of this and more of their monster-hit sweatshirts, this time embroidered with prowling cats." {}
  • "It all fairly zipped along with spirited energy and reminded you of why fun, cool, youthful clothes can also carry a bigness of vision." {}
  • "What this pair has managed to do is wipe the slate clean and turn this once floundering brand around to be its own brilliant jungle beast filled with youth, energy and quirky verve--all the key ingredients for a cult label." { UK}
  • "Contemporary and cute, period." {WWD}