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Vice's Fashion Week Internationale Host Talks Skin Bleaching in Jamaica and Other Controversial Issues Addressed in the Show

This week, Fashion Week Internationale goes to Kingston, Jamaica to investigate the disturbing trend of illegal skin bleaching. We chatted with host Charlet Duboc over email (she's currently working on upcoming episodes in Tel Aviv and Moscow) about how the show has progressed, what other disturbing beauty trends she's encountered during her travels, and why Jamaica has been her favorite trip thus far (it totally wasn't just because of the abundance of smoke everywhere).
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You investigate a lot of controversial issues: Race, gender, plastic surgery. Did you think going in before starting the series that you’d encounter so many? What’s been the most disturbing? I try to look at things from all angles and put myself in other people shoes before I enter a situation. That's not to say that the issues we cover in each episode aren't shocking. I wish these beautiful black girls in Jamaica could see what I see: How wonderful their natural complexion is. But it's unfortunately just not that simple.

Where are you planning to go for season 3? Well! You definitely haven't seen the last of us, even if we choose to change the format that you are used to. There are a bunch of stories that I am really excited about... you'll have to wait and see!

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You can watch the whole Jamaica episode below or over on In addition to enlightening you, the episode will probably really make you want to go to Jamaica. Enjoy!