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SNL Liked Brad Pitt's Chanel Ad So Much They Spoofed It Four Times

SNL spoofed Brad Pitt's Chanel ad this weekend--which isn't exactly surprising since the original was just begging for it. And they nailed it. Click through to watch.

When we first saw Brad Pitt's Chanel No.5 commercial, it was so overly serious, and, well, bizarre, that we sorta felt like it was an SNL skit already--especially since it totally reminded us of one that already exists (ahem, Kristen Wiig for Red Flag).

Happily, the writers of SNL agreed with us. The comedy sketch show's Taran Killam did a hilarious impression of Mr. Pitt for Chanel--right down to the moody stare, overgrown hair and of course, rambly, nonsensical speech.

Speaking of which, SNL offered a possibile explanation for why Pitt was so nonsensical: "I've been talking to myself for like two hours straight and I'm starting to sound insane," faux Brad says.

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But...we guess that was what Chanel was going for?

Watch the full spoof below plus see what the commercials for Taco Bell, doggie condoms (seriously), and the 'subway doctor' would look like if Brad Pitt was shilling them.