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Tory Burch Comments on Ex's Brand C.Wonder for the First Time, Calls it 'Too Referential'

Tory went on Rock Center last night to talk about her successful business. Naturally, some questions about her ex Chris Burch arose and they didn't seem to catch her off guard one bit. Click through to watch.
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As you may have heard, ex-spouses Tory and Chris Burch have endured an awkward, complicated and public business relationship following their divorce in 2006, made especially complicated by their competing lifestyle brands: Tory Burch, which Tory launched eight years ago with help from Chris; and the suspiciously aesthetically similar C. Wonder, which, incidentally, Chris launched a year ago today (happy birthday!). Things got even uglier a couple of weeks ago when Chris filed suit against Tory for breach of contract and tortious interference.

Still, Tory's brand remains a $2 billion success, as we learned during a segment on last night's Rock Center With Brian Williams; and while she didn't specifically address the lawsuit, she did address Chris Burch and C. Wonder, saying, “Some of [his branding] is too referential. And I think that he's going to be changing that." Chris Burch declined to be interviewed for the segment.

Somehow, Tory is handling it all with remarkable grace and composure. She came across as the calmest, most put-together, and for lack of better words, perfect person last night. Even NBC's Harry Smith described her to Brian Williams as "unflappable." Watch the interview below.

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