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We Read the November Fashion Magazines So You Don't Have To

For thousands of east coasters without electricity or a method of transportation to get to work, now might be an ideal time to sit around and actually read magazines. But if you still don't feel like it, don't live on the east coast, or can't find anywhere to buy said magazines (and have electricity, a necessity for reading this here online article), don't worry--we did it for you. We've culled the most interesting features, hilarious quotes and important bits of news you might otherwise miss from the fashion glossies--many of which aren't available online.
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For thousands of

Harper's Bazaar

• A whole lot of ads for, which now has a "Fabulous at Every Age" boutique.

• A lot of Terry Richardson--the controversial photog shot Nicole Kidman,


• In January, W will announce someone the winner of a new annual award to identify the next great fashion photographer. Six contenders (and photogs to watch): Eric Madigan Heck, Boo George, Kacper Kasprzyk, Karim Sadli, Zoe Ghertner, and Benjamin Lennox are featured here.

• Diane Von Furstenberg on the '70s: "It was between the pill and AIDS, and everyone enjoyed an amazing amount of freedom and exploration in so many ways--artistically, emotionally."

• For those of us closer to the Elisabeth Von Thurn und Taxis generation than the Gloria Von Thurn und Taxis one, let this feature on the '80s icon inform you of some of her shenanigans. Examples include going on tour with Prince, owning 27 cars, announcing on German television that Africa's AIDS epidemic stemmed from the fact that "blacks like to copulate," and spending millions on birthday parties, like a three-day celebration for her husband featuring a cake decorated with 60 Marzipan penises. Poppers were handed out as favors. She's since mellowed.

• Is Brian Atwood starting a men's line? "I'm working on a men's collection. I only have two pairs of shoes, and it would be nice to have some more."

• Christian Louboutin used to be an actor: "Funnily enough, I acted in several films in my 20s. Indie, experimental, gay liberation...I hated it."

• In Gio's Journal, we see Giovanna Battaglia travel to the most glamorous corners of the world, drink vodka-infused tea and wear a bikini made out of crochet kitchen mitts.

• Did you know there are these things called "extra men" or "walkers," who are usually gay and accompany fashionable society women to events? Often, they were journalists, photographers or fashion designers. And today? "Prabal Gurung walks Elettra Wiedmann, Jason Wu walks Olivia Chantecaille, and the Proenza Scouler boys walk the Traina girls." Interesting.

• Inspired by this past season's many fashion week feuds, W chronicles the many fashion scandals of its 40 year history, like Jackie O selling her designer duds on consignment and Suzy Menkes getting hit in the head with a piece of falling ceiling at a 1991 Michael Kors show.

• There are some behind the scenes shots from Nicole Kidman's and Zac Efron's forthcoming flick The Paperboy. Efron looks very manly.

• Anna Piaggi's final magazine shoot: The late style icon appears on the first page of a portfolio called "The Originals." She was photographed for it by Tim Walker one month before she passed away. She wears all her own clothing and her signature colorful hair and makeup. Also in this portfolio: Lynn Yaeger, Michelle Harper, Amanda and Tallula Harlech, the Brant Brothers, Lady Birgit Lee, Anna Dello Russo, Vika Gasinskaya, Annabelle Neilson and Catherine Baba.

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Teen Vogue

• Jane Keltner de Valle trades lives with BryanBoy for a day in what is really just a cute, silly fashion spread. De Valle skypes with Rumi Neely and goes to a NYC laundromat; Bryan meets with Peter Som and reviews layouts.

• Mackenzie Foy, who plays baby vampire Renesmee in the next Twilight movie, and also happens to be super gorgeous, is definitely one to watch.

• In a feature on Karlie Kloss, Kloss is photographed with her blond sisters Kimberly, Kariann and Kristine (yes, for real--what is it with famous families and their K names?), all of whom have "Kloss eyebrows," and three puppies on an all-white porch looking like the most all-American family of all time. The family recently relocated from St. Louis to Goshen, New York. Older sister Kristine interned at Teen Vogue and helps Karlie with brand extension projects. Karlie once smuggled Kimberly to Saint Tropez for a Chanel show. Oh, siblings.

• Get ready for Sofia Richie, daughter of Lionel and little sis to Nicole. She's starred in a Samantha Ronson music video, is friends with Paris Jackson, steals clothes from Nicole's house ("The nanny lets me in."), writes songs and wants to come out with a clothing line.


• Hamish Bowles writes about letting go of the contents of an old Paris apartment and putting them up for auction. They include "a 3,000 piece strong repository of haute couture and fashion history," authentic Louis XV furniture, Sir Oswald Birley's portrait of Barbara Hutton, Victorian chairs, a portrait of Edie Sedgwick by Andy Warhol, and much more.

• Elisabeth TNT's diary was surprisingly normal--she went to a wedding (albeit one attended by Margherita Missoni and Bianca Brandolini D'Adda and to which she wore Giambattista Valli couture jewelry), and New York Fashion Week, where she went to some of the same parties we did.

• Vanessa Traina's wedding to Max Snow is featured. You can see the full story


• An open letter from Michelle Obama, listing the reasons why you should vote for Barack Obama, which you can read here.

• Pamela Love went to Morocco for her honeymoon.

• Two L.A.-based fashion labels are featured: Nastygal and Elkin. While Nastygal is more mass-produced and described by its founder thusly: "You can wear dresses that we sell and look like a Kardashian or you can look really awesome and cool;" Elkin is described as "like Laurel Canyon in the '70s," and is created in a garage turned studio where people like Jenny Lewis just hang out. Both brands, however, are examples of L.A.'s thriving fashion scene.

• Men are apparently getting more into fragrance and like to be connoisseurs, whereas women just want to smell good.

• Elle's Maggie Bullock interviews plastic surgeon Raj Kanodia, who is apparently known for surgically enhancing actresses in ways that make them look better, but not like they've necessarily had any work done. "His real niche may be the actors who come to him when their contracts specify that they should not alter their faces in any way." He also starts as young as 14.

• Emma Watson will really transform in upcoming film The Bling Ring, in which she plays one of the real life thieves who famously burgled celebrities' homes. Sofia Coppola said of her performance, "She could switch back and forth between a posh British accent and a slutty Valley Girl just like that. Oh, and I was really impressed by her hip hop dancing." She also wrote Coppola an email begging for the part and it turned out she'd already gotten it.

• Carven's Guillaume Henry sometimes feels like his clothes are too expensive: "When I'm with the commercial team, they'll tell me a dress is $1,000 retail, and I'm superconfused because it's so limited in terms of audience. I don't want to create any frustration." He plans to open a New York store early next year.