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10 Women We Think Vogue Forgot on Its Best Dressed List

There's no doubt that every lady on Vogue's best dressed list is fashionable. Still, we think the fashion glossy may have overlooked a few people. Click through for the mag's 10 best, as well as 10 women we think should have made the list.

Every year, Vogue names the ten best dressed women of the year--and every year, we think they overlook some obvious well-dressed ladies. Not that we blame them--Narrowing down the year's best dressed to just ten women is definitely hard work.

Here's who made the cut this year: 1. Emma Stone 2. Rooney Mara 3. Leelee Sobieski 4. Zoë Saldana 5. Lauren Santo Domingo 6. Solange Knowles 7. Kristen Stewart 8.

Michelle Obama Michelle's campaign wardrobe was pure perfection. In fact, we would argue that all three of the Obama girls--Michelle, Sasha, Malia--should have been inducted.

Beyonce We're happy Solange made the list--she's definitely giving Beyonce a run for her money as the most stylish Knowles--however, we think Beyonce's stunning Givenchy number, and badass late arrival, alone earn her a mention.

Marion Cotillard

We can't believe

Jenna Lyons Okay, okay, we know, we have a bit of a thing for Jenna. But c'mon, she's the #1 girl crush of pretty much everyone in the industry, and is responsible for shaping the way editor's dress off-duty. Plus, she's got the perfect blend of fame and insider-y cache.

Alexa Chung Her style is no longer as obsessively copied as it was a few years ago, but we admire the way Chung's fashion sense has evolved. She always looks effortlessly cool and, more importantly, like she's actually having a good time.

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Diane Kruger We think this photo is all the explanation needed.

Keira Knightley We've been loving Keira's ultra glam looks during the Anna Karenina press tour. Doesn't hurt that she's stunningly beautiful, either.

Kate Middleton K.Midd has definitely been stepping it up in the style department this year. Her looks on the Royal couples' Asian tour, in particular, were the perfect balance of fashion-forward and understated elegance.

Gwyneth Paltrow Love her or hate her, you can't deny that Gwynnie always looks good.

Jamie King King is kind of under-the-radar for some reason, but we think she always looks amazing--and she's not afraid to take chances with her wardrobe either.