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A Little Guide to Deborah Needleman's Many New Hires at T

If there's one educated guess we can make about Deborah Needleman's T, it's that it will be very different from Sally Singer's, if only because most of the editorial staff has been replaced since Needleman joined the magazine in September.
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If there's one educated guess we can make about

Patrick Li

Title: Creative Director

Resume: Founded design firm Li, inc. He started out in magazines including Interview and Colors and moved on to designers and brands like Jason Wu, Phillip Lim, Rodarte, Barneys and more on everything from invitations to logos. He also assisted Fabien Baron for several years.

What he'll bring: It's difficult to put into words the cool, elegant quality his design work lends to brands, whose image he helps create. That he has so much experience with brands should be beneficial in a time when magazines are becoming increasingly more brand-like. He'll probably make T look really good.

Nadia Vellam

Title: Photo Director

Resume: Photo Director at WSJ since 2010 and previously photo editor at W.

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What she'll bring: WSJ always had good, if a little plain, photography. It's a bit more polished and bold compared to the carefree, artsy look Sally Singer was in favor of. Think Mario Testino vs. Cass Bird.

Joe McKenna

Title: Fashion Editor at Large

Resume: The influential stylist has worked with The Face, Vanity Fair, Rolling Stone, W, Vogue, Calvin Klein, Bruce Weber, and many more.

What he'll bring: Some worry that Mckenna's packed, international styling schedule will limit his contributions to the magazine. But having one of the most influential stylists of all time on your team, in any capacity, can't be a bad thing.

Maura Egan

Title: Features Director

Resume: Egan comes from W where she was features director. Prior, she was Huffington Post's deputy entertainment, culture and lifestyle editor; and before that, she worked at T as a travel editor under Stefano Tonchi.

What she'll bring: Valuable experience at T, but not Sally Singer's T. And a strong features and editing background.