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Barack Obama Is Influencing Jacket Trends Among Elected Officials, Says Brian Williams

Brian Williams talks about why "if you're anyone else but the president, you're at an instant garment disadvantage."
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Brian Williams, in addition to being an excellent news anchor, is also kind of hilarious. In fact, New York Magazine dedicated a feature-length article to this subject last year--and his "comic stylings" were certainly on full display last night during the final segment of Rock Center.

Williams also evidently has an eye for fashion trends and pointed out a political one that we somehow missed. Following Hurricane Sandy, he's noticed that elected officials these days "suddenly all have official jackets." It's true--when they're not wearing suits, they're all wearing jackets that are navy blue and feature some sort of official emblem or wording on them. Why? "Let's just call it what it is," Williams says. "Air Force One Jacket Envy."

It turns out, when you're the president, you get a couple of official jackets to wear while getting in or out of your private jet. "So if you're anyone else but the president, you're at an instant garment disadvantage and that's when the tough get going." He lists as examples of officials who've co-opted the jacket trend: Arnold Schwarzenegger, Governor Cuomo, Cory Booker, and, of course, Chris Christie, who has been wearing a fleece emblazoned with his name and job title in giant letters "like a talisman" every day since Sandy hit.

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Though, even more impressive to Williams was a yarmulke with "Governor Christie" embroidered into it, which he wore to visit Jerusalem. "Let's see if the President can top that."

We guess the Obama ladies aren't the only fashion influencers of the First Family.

Watch the entire segment below. He also discusses the hair flag lady from Election Day and then a bunch of other things that have nothing to do with anything. It's hilarious and weird.

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