Often, when someone meets a designer or famous person, we're bombarded with stories of how 'real' these mythical characters actually are in the flesh. "He/she is so down to earth!" is most frequently the idiom of choice. But Burberry's Christopher Bailey is here to debunk those ridiculous relatable fables once and for all--and we are so, so grateful.

During a lengthy speech introducing the winner of this year's CFDA/Vogue Fashion Fund award, Bailey recounted his first time meeting Donna Karan, which naturally involved nudity. Via The Telegraph:

[Karan] stripped naked within about three minutes of meeting, and tried on all my things. That was one of my first big wake up calls to how nutty - and how brilliant this industry is.

On Karan's nocturnal work schedule and indulging in those always-necessary 3am massages:

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We would be working very, very late. At 3am there would be a masseur coming around to give you a massage: that's weird. Then at 4am we'd all sit in a little circle and we'd chat over the fabrics: that was weird to me too. And then at five o'clock Demi Moore would come in for a fitting.

And maybe most mesmerizing of all, here's how you can expect Tom Ford to dress when he interviews you to be the new senior designer for his line:

It was a huge room, quite dark. In the middle of the room there were these two chairs. On one of these chairs there is this chap (Ford), sat there with his shirt open to his navel, with a huge gold belt...

Basically, forget what those tabloids have tried to tell you all these years: Designers are definitely, most certainly not just like us.