Editor's Pick: Dhani's S.A.D.-Preventing Snood

Tired of all the dark, depressing colors everyone wears when it's cold? Try this scarf.

I understand why bright, cheerful colors are more popular during the spring and summer months, but that leaves us with a pretty depressing color palette for fall and winter.

Everywhere I go these days, all I see is black, grey, navy, oxblood etc. All lovely colors--and ones that I happen to generally prefer regardless of the season--but, like I said, when the darkness is everywhere, it's kind of depressing.

So, I decided to buy this big, bright, warm, neon coral scarf so that I could have at least one winter accessory in a color that has the power to brighten not only my day, but maybe even that of the people around me. You're welcome, world.

You can buy it here.

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