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Givenchy's Rottweiler Tee Was Inspired by a Boy Scout Book

From Kanye West to Liv Tyler, no one, it seems, is immune to the rottweiler tee's simultaneous charm and badass-ness. But is it so badass? You'll never guess where Tisci came up with the idea...
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What celebrity wasn't photographed wearing Riccardo Tisci's Rottweiler print at some point in the past couple of years?

Since the Rottweiler print debuted on Givenchy's Fall 2011 men's runway, it's been worn to death by everyone from Kanye West to Liv Tyler to various street style stars. As GQ, who named Tisci 2012's Designer of the Year, puts it:

More interesting than the shirt itself is where it puts Riccardo Tisci, which is at the overlapping center of the Liv Tyler, hip-hop-enthusiasts-in-Atlanta, and herding-dog Venn circles. For what it's worth, I'm pretty sure he's the only one there.

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No one, it seems, is immune to its simultaneous charm and badass-ness.

But is it so badass? Tisci told the menswear glossy that he got the idea from a "boy scout book." We're not sure exactly what that is--a handbook perhaps? But, it is a surprisingly innocent point of reference for such an aggressive-seeming graphic. "It's not a violent picture," he tells GQ. "For me, it's a sweet dog. It represents power and sweetness."

Maybe next season he'll go even sweeter and put a big meowing kitten on some shirts? Just a suggestion...