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Horses Cut Shop's Gabe Johnson Curates the American Spirit and Brings it to Treasure & Bond

We hear about new fashion collaborations literally every single day. And as exciting as things like Rei Kawakubo for Hermes and Givenchy for H&M might sound, we're starting to get collab'ed out. Unless, of course, it's a truly original and interesting idea. And we're pretty sure we can say this new collab between Nordstrom-owned concept shop Treasure & Bond and hard-to-define social club/t-shirt company Horses Cut Shop is unlike any collaboration that's come before it.
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We hear about new fashion collaborations literally every single day. And as exciting as things like

How do you find people and businesses to work with? We're constantly traveling and talking to people and engaging people...We meet someone and they tell us to go someplace and we're there and they tell us to go someplace else, so it's kind of this daisy chain with all these stories.

If the [business's] artwork is true and it resonates and the history of the business is such that it's iconic, revered, people in the community see it as a representation of their values, we take that artwork and put it on a 100% cotton t-shirt we have milled in North Carolina and we sell it and tell the story of that business and when someone buys the shirt, that business gets a percentage of the end sale.

Why did you decide to partner with Treasure & Bond and do a whole pop up?

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A t-shirt's a t-shirt but what we're selling is the story behind it and the people. I don't think just a t-shirt on a table would convey that, so we wanted to wrap it in a more immersive experience. [Treasure & Bond's] mission is to support local charities and I think they take chances on people doing different things and then they give that money back to the community and I think that's what we're doing too. We're just getting started, but I think our mission is larger than just selling goods. We hope that through our success we're able to support these small businesses so they can remain and continue doing what they do.

What's next for Horses Cut Shop? Will you expand beyond t-shirts? Just as there are businesses that are represented by t-shirts, there are also American craftsmakers that are rep'd by the goods that they make, so we want to feature craftsmen that do things with their hands that fall into the same aesthetic. We want to feature beltmakers, bag makers, people who make guitar straps, people who make furniture, people who make motorcycles. Anybody who embodies this idea of the independent business owner and does it for the love and the passion of it, we want to partner with them and bring their goods to our audience. We want to be known as curators of this American spirit.

Do you have a favorite place you've visited? Probably Minneapolis. We just met these people that were so intimately connected [because of the places they went], We ended up doing a whole collection of t-shirts, which was really fun for us to do because it was kind of a mirror of the people that we met there. The best part about the job is curating a set of marks from the city and have people that live and love in those cities see that as a true representation of who they are in terms of their town so there's a lot of pride shared with those marks.

You can grab a cool graphic tee or several from now until December 26 at Treasure & Bond in NYC, or on the Horses Cut Shop website.