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How Awesome Was Topanga's Hair? Let's Discuss

If you're old enough to truly remember Boy Meets World, you’ll know that Topanga, in all of her lioness glory, was a hair maverick whose mane was almost impossible to emulate. I mean, who grows hair like that? ...Topanga, that's who.
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Yes, kids, it's really happening: After a decade of ignoring the pleas of millions, the

1. In the beginning, there was: Corpanga Season One introduced us to Cory Matthews's pint size love interest and kick started our obsession with all things Topanga. Seriously, look at this dirty blonde beauty. We die.

When she wasn’t running around in long flower print dress, drawing lipstick on her face in the shape of a heart, or checking for karmic energy, she could be seen sporting the most fantastic hair in TV history. It was abnormally long, thick, and enviably obedient. I mean honestly, have you ever really tried to your

2. Before there was “

3.The Big Chop

With Season Four came a more established, super hot Topanga. She and Cory are in a great place; she’s really starting to figure out who she is--signified by the sudden absence of her favorite accessory, the choker necklace. And then it happens. To prove the point that looks mean nothing and true beauty comes from within yada yada yada, she lops off a huge chunk of her hair on live television. (Well not live television. In Boy Meets World land--things weren't that meta).

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We all cried a little that day--it was pretty emotional!--but we learned a very valuable lesson: Never cut your own hair in the halls of your high school. For as much as you'd like to be, you are not and never will be Topanga--and you will be ridiculed by your idiot peers.

4. College Topanga/Married Topanga

After seven seasons of watching Cory and Topanga run around like an old couple, they finally tied the knot. And with no bangs and hair just slightly past her shoulders, college Topanga took us by storm. This woman’s hair was an institution unto itself. She was a lady who really understood what it meant to deep condition, but also knew when it was time to say goodbye to those damaged ends. We get weepy just picturing the perfection.

5. *****Bonus: Angela*******

It just wouldn't be right to talk about Topanga without mentioning the lovely Angela.

She dressed like she was from Seattle, had a feisty attitude, wore strawberry kiwi lip-gloss, and she got to tongue down Shawn on the regular. (Except when he drank--she didn't like him when he drank. Remember that scene? We sure do.)

Though Angela was only around for three seasons, her micro braided hair with its honey blond highlights will stay in our hearts forever.