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Keira Knightley Still Doesn't Have Her Wedding Dress Picked Out

In fact, the Anna Karenina star told us, "I haven’t actually even started to think about how the hell I’m going to get married.”

Keira Knightley gets to wear a lot of gorgeous dresses both on the red carpet (like the gorgeous lace Valentino she wore at last night's Anna Karenina New York premiere) and for her myriad of period film roles.

And soon she'll get to wear yet another fabulous gown--a wedding dress! The star recently got engaged to boyfriend James Righton, and there are already rumors swirling that a Mr. Karl Lagerfeld has volunteered to design a dress for her. Obviously, dressing Knightley on her wedding would be a major coup for any designer--so we had to ask... who will it be?

As it turns out, even Knightley isn't sure. While the actress listed Chanel, Valentino, and Erdem as her favorite designers, she's still got not clue as to what (or who) she'll wear on her big day.

“I have no idea, because I haven’t actually even started to think about how the hell I’m going to get married,” she said. "So once I think about that, I’ll try to think about a dress.”

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Ok, since Knightley hasn't picked out the dress, how about all the other gorgeous gowns she's gotten to wear throughout her career? Does she have a favorite?

Indeed--but it's not what you might expect. In lieu of that now-iconic, Victoria & Albert Museum-displayed, gorgeous green dress she donned in 2007's Atonement (also by Anna Karenina costume designer Jacqueline Durran), Knightley's fond of a more subdued look she wore for a different role. "I mean, the green dress in Atonement is quite hard to get past," she explained, "but actually, I would say there was a brown dress in Pride and Prejudice, and actually, all of those dresses are my all-time favorites ever."