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Tavi Gevinson Wants To Get Barack Obama on Rookie, Says She's Still 'Obsessed' With Fashion

She also taught the Access Hollywood hosts how to "bitchface."
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Way back in March of 2011, when Tavi Gevinson was just a 14-year-old fashion blogger (rather than the 16-year-old editor/author/actress she is now), we wondered if she was renouncing fashion based on a post she wrote about her latest fashion week experience--one that felt "very highschooly."

Since then, her focus has moved further away from fashion and closer towards practically everything else, from feminism to teen life to acting. However, in a recent interview with Vanity Fair, she says she has not renounced the subject entirely:

I never felt like I was denouncing fashion. In a way, I still think that I am obsessed with it, except for when my friend asked me the other day if I had looked at any shows from this past Fashion Week yet. And I realized that it had just kind of slipped my mind. There’s a lot that I haven’t looked at. I feel like now fashion is just part of how I think about everything. When I send out a mood board to our contributors every month about our monthly theme, there are photos from our fashion shows, but there are also film stills and album art. I feel like it’s just part of everything in my brain right now.

That she forgot to look at the spring 2013 shows isn't entirely surprising when you consider everything else she's been doing. This summer, in addition to her Rookie book tour, Gevinson made her acting debut in a film by Nicole Holofcener.

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She also tells VF that Barack Obama appearing on Rookie is a very real possibility--though one she didn't want to pursue before the election in case it caused him to lose:

I believe we have one or two leads, but then we kind of gave it a rest because, you know, there were a few other things I figured he was busy with. I think I would have felt a little guilty, too. Like, what if he didn’t win and I thought, “Oh man, if only he hadn’t made that five-minute video for Rookie”? If all goes well, in my opinion, and he has some time later on, we might pick that back up again.

In a different kind of interview, Gevinson appeared on Access Hollywood, where she discussed the "real" issues dealt with in the Rookie Yearbook and teaches Billy Bush and Kit Hoover how to "bitchface." Watch it below.