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Who Do the Victoria's Secret Angels Hope 'Can See Them Now?'

Before last night's taping, we had to ask: Of the 10+ million viewers bound to be watching out for all those taught tushies when the Victoria's Secret Fashion show airs on December 4th, who do the Angels hope 'can see them now?'
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We're all used to hearing gorgeous models lamenting stories of adolescent awkwardness--Tyra Banks is making an entire tv show about hers. But you'd be hard-pressed to think up a better revenge against former tormenters than being cast in the Sexiest Show on Earth aka the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show.

So right before last night's taping, we had to ask: Of the 10+ million viewers bound to be watching out for all those taught tushies when the show airs in December, who do the Angels hope 'can see them now?'

Candice Swanepoel: "Probably the girls at school that kind of made me feel that I could never be sexy, or could never be a model. When I first started, I was in an all girls school, so there was a lot of cattiness, and when I first started, a lot of people didn't really... Now, they're probably like, 'Wow... Damn, she did it!'"

Lily Aldridge: "I mean, I hope [people from home] are seeing me now, being like 'I'm so dumb'... But, honestly, really all I think about is my husband [Kings of Leon frontman Caleb Followill] when I'm walking on the stage. He's the only person I care about, he's the only person I want to look sexy for! Last year he wasn't there, and I was so much less stressed! And this year he's coming, and like, I know honestly millions of people are watching, but I just want him to be proud."

Karlie Kloss: "Ugh, all those boys that never gave... I asked a boy out, I remember, in 6th grade, and I had the biggest crush on this boy. And that's bold! Like, for a girl to ask the boy, that takes guts! I put my heart on the line, I put myself out there, and he shot me down! So yeah, I hope he's watching the show and says 'well dang, I should've dated her in the 6th grade!'"

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Barbara Palvin: "Oh, my classmates, from like 1st to 4th grade. I hope they can see this. They were really mean to me. I was the one, like, they didn't even talk to me for four years! They were always making fun of me, stealing my food and stuff. I was really tiny and short, and I was playing soccer and stuff, and I don't know... they didnt like me. That's why I'm so skinny!"

Liu Wen: (Who was covered in fake tattoos for the show) "My parents, because I never have had a tattoo! So I would want my parents to say like, 'Oh my god, you have crazy tattoos!'"

Isabeli Fontana: "It's just like trying to feel better about myself! Just trying to feel normal. You know, it's just my job, it's just work--I hope the client will be happy with me. But back home (in Brazil)? I mean, I hope they're proud of me-—my kids are!"

Hilary Rhoda: "All my girlfriends who I went to high school with are like, texting me and saying good luck... so nothing to spite anyone!"

Jourdan Dunn: "Um, everyone! I want everyone from my school, from high school, who called me 'chicken legs.' I mean it's cool, like, I'm here now, right? So yeah, everyone: Look at me now!"