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Will Nicolas Ghesquière's Departure Affect the Value of Vintage Balenciaga ?

In the wake of Nicolas Ghesquière's abrupt exit from Balenciaga, there were a lot of questions on our minds. For instance: Why did Ghesquière leave? What will he do next? And who should replace him? While these burning questions will no doubt be debated in the weeks (months?) to come, there's another question we've been wondering about: How will Ghesquière's recent departure affect the value of vintage Balenciaga?

In the wake of

The stuff that was produced, however, went like hot cakes. Like those ubiquitous harness platform booties, and, of course, the last decade's #1 It bag: The Balenciaga motorcycle bag.

"Ghesquière created a modern classic bag," Silver said. "A bag that was able to morph past its contemporary status and become a true classic."

While it remains to be seen how much Ghesquière's departure will affect Balenciaga's vintage value, we're betting these two popular accessories will definitely be priced at a premium. So, if you're in the market, you may want to purchase now--before prices soar.

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