1. Why are the designers always 'walking up' to meet Carolyn somewhere? Can't they afford a car service--or at least public transportation?

2. Is it bad that I didn't remember Anthony Ryan's "infamous" bird seed dress?

3. What neighborhood is Emilio from where people are often burgled by fat white men coming through chimneys?

4. Did Anthony Ryan forget that Kylie Minogue is definitely not going to be wearing the winning look?

5. How does the prize for this challenge relate in any way to the challenge itself? Couldn't they have gone shopping in, say... a clock store?

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6. Were the designers not provided with muslin this time around?

7. Do you think Isaac Mizrahi is secretly sad Carolyn doesn't describe him to the designers each week as "beautiful," like she does Georgina Chapman?

8. Why did Ivy design a costume for Disney on Ice?

9. When did Joshua find the time to sneak out of the workroom to raid Lady Gaga's tour wardrobe for that top?

10. Why is Ivy so upset? Doesn't she know she'll be seeing Casanova right after the next challenge?