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Alexander Wang's Touchdown Dance: A Retrospective

May we present to you, Alexander Wang: Lord of the Dance. From 2007 until now. We do hope Wang brings his finale dance with him to Paris.
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You know that face Taylor Swift makes every single time she wins an award, like OHMIGOD, ME?? No. No it can't be me. OHMIGOD IT IS? OHMIGOD!

In that respect, Alexander Wang is kind of like the T-Swift of the fashion world. At the end of each of his fashion shows, he seems as genuinely excited and proud of his work and success as if it's the first time--and to celebrate, he does a little smiley, celebratory dance. Oftentimes it also involves some light jogging. Hey, it's hard fitting workouts in during fashion week.

Whether or not you think he's the right choice for a Balenciaga, you've got to admit: The kid's a cutie. Thus, may we (...mais oui!) present to you, the many moves of Alexander Wang. We only hope he brings this tradition to Paris. Click!

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