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Cook Like a Catwalker: We Chat with the Model Author of New Cook Book Model Kitchen

Fashion and food are truly having a love fest lately. Karlie Kloss launched a line of kookies, Jourdan Dunn has her own cooking show (so do we, for that matter), and we were pleasantly surprised by the amount of butter found in our fave fashion industry insiders' Thanksgiving recipes. Next up on the food/fashion continuum? A cook book written by models. We caught up with the model before the holidays to find out more about the book and what kind of recipes his model friends contributed (because, yes, for the last time, they really do eat!). Read on.

Cesar Casier: I made it just for fun actually. I wanted to do a book and I love food. My dad is a really good chef. I was thinking that there are so many cook books now, but there aren’t really cook books made by young people for young people interested in fashion and traveling and that kind of stuff. So I thought why not make the cook book about models? Everybody loves models. Everyone’s obsessed with how they look and how they dress and everybody thinks we don’t eat, which is total bullshit. So I thought ‘Yeah maybe I should make a book about that!’ Model Kitchen is the result.

Who helped you with the book? I did almost everything myself. I got into contact with a bunch of top models--all these girls gave me their favorite healthy recipes. My friend did the lay out. Derek Blasberg, who's a really good friend, corrected my writing--my English is sometimes not amazing.

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So the theme is generally healthy recipes? There is a chapter with guilty pleasures that have all the desserts and scones and pudding and stuff. But the rest is all very healthy food--and easy to cook, which was important to me. Every recipe can be done in 10-15 minutes. I also have a chapter with juices, because we models like to juice cleanse before fashion week, so I [wrote about] my favorite juices.

Is the book only recipes? No, I also have chapters about my favorite hot spots in the fashion cities--London, Paris, NYC. I collected all my favorite places to go for coffee or dinner or lunch. Did you have nutritionists or any other professionals giving you input for the book? No, not really. I collected everything myself. I grew up with very healthy food and organic food; I'm good in the kitchen myself--I know what to eat!

Here's a peek at the models and the recipes they submitted. Forget about carbs in 2013! (You can find some recipes from the cook book on Casier's website here.)

Milla Jovovich: Baked salmon with green asparagus Mirte Maas: Shrimp salad Bette Franke: Grilled egplant with feta and mint Frida Gustavsson: Oven roasted salmon with zesty salad Karlie Kloss: Mango salsa Jac: Fresh pepper and basil soup Julia Restoin-Roitfeld: Roasted chicken and quinoa Lily Donaldson: Kale salad Suvi Koponen: Casserole with whole grain pasta Lindsey Wixson: Chocolate chip cookies {Ed. Note: Hallelujah! Carbs and sugar!} Anais Pouliot: Fruit and parsley juice Elise Crombez: Stuffed pepper with corn

[Photos: Courtesy Cesar Casier]