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Did Kate Lanphear and Kate Davidson Hudson Leave Elle for New Magazine Editorialist?

A brand new magazine may have snapped up the departed Elle editors. Here's what we know.
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Elle lost a number of editorial staffers this year. More than half of its online team left in the spring. Kate Davidson Hudson and Stefania Allen, Elle‘s Accessories Director and Senior Accessories Editor, respectively left in October. And most recently, the magazine's street style bait style director Kate Lanphear left suddenly with no indication of what she planned to do next.

Until now.

A source told us she's styling the first cover shoot for a brand new magazine set to debut next spring called Editorialist.

Then, from a separate source, we heard fellow former Elle staffer Hudson had also joined the new magazine in some capacity.

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While we don't know for sure whether Lanphear's is a freelance gig or a more permanent role; the fact that Lanphear is jobless--and that Editorialist was probably in hiring stages around when Lanphear decided to leave Elle--leads us to believe that the latter is a real possibility.

Plus, a couple of weeks ago, Lanphear told Refinery29 that she had accepted an offer somewhere and that the move would be "surprising." Could she have been talking about Editorialist?

At this point, we know very little about the new magazine--just that it will launch in spring 2013 and has a very bare website.

If it's true, we wonder who else could be joining it. Could this be a mass exodus from Elle to Editorialist, kind of like the one earlier this year from to Du Jour?

We've reached out to Editorialist and will report back when we know more.