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Editor's Pick: Nora's New Old Favorite Fragrance

This perfume evokes that inexplicable, exciting element of watching your mother getting ready for a fancy dinner as a child. I'm obsessed.
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When my much beloved, adorably bowed first bottle of Miss Dior Cherie was nearing its last mist this October, I wasn't quite ready for a change. But I had made a slightly alarming discovery in the recent Natalie Portman-fronted ads for my fav frag: Mon dieu!--the "Cherie" had gone missing! After a bit of stressed out investigating, I learned that not only had Dior nixed the Cherie from the label; it'd scrapped the fragrance entirely--and then tried to trick me by filling some look-alike bow bottles with an entirely different perfume. So not ok.

I dragged myself to the nearest department store in hopes that the Internet had somehow been hoaxed—sadly, this was not the case. But by losing my beloved Cherie, I gained a new BFF—in the lady behind the counter, who listened to my lament and suggested a well thought-out alternative: Miss Dior Le Parfum.

And let me tell you: In the past two months that I've spritzed myself with this more elegant, more refined version of my cher Cherie, I've gotten more compliments from randos than I ever did with the old guy. It makes me feel like a mature, grown-up version of myself, while simulateously evoking that inexplicable, exciting feeling of watching your mother getting ready for a fancy dinner as a child. Sometimes I'll give myself a little spray just to pick myself up during a bummer day spent indoors--and for whatever reason, it never fails to lift my spirits up a notch. It's pretty much the perfect perf. Just please, please don't take this one away from me, Dior...

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