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Exclusive: Before the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show Tonight, Check Out What the Angels Had to Say About Their Looks

The Victoria's Secret Fashion Show finally airs tonight! Get prepped by reading what each Victoria's Secret Angel in the "Calendar Girls" segment had to say about her outfit (even Karlie Kloss--though you won't be seeing her controversial getup onscreen)--plus see exclusive sketches of their costumes.
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Clear up your calendars, girls! Pirelli may have nixed the nearly naked ladies for

Erin Heatherton, January

"I love January because it’s a fresh start. I enjoy ringing in the New Year with family and friends and there is a lot to look forward to!"

Candice Swanepoel, February

CS: "My favorite part of February... I don't have a specific part! I mean obviously Valentine's Day, but I'm not a huge Valentine's Day girl. I mean I think it's a nice day off..."

Fashionista: You get the day off on Valentine's Day?!

CS: "(laughs) Well I get to be spoiled by my boyfriend... and be loved!"

Hilary Rhoda, March

"I love Saint Patrick's Day! It's so fun. I was in Hong Kong for it last year so I missed it, but it's just fun. I'm Irish--I went to Catholic school when I was growing up, so it was always like a big thing, you could dress up and everything."

Cameron Russell, April

"I'm April. April showers! I have some thigh high rain boots. They're pretty big! And I have an umbrella. You know what though, I'd say I'm pretty appropriately dressed [in the show] for the weather we've been having now (it was blizzarding outside). Minus the bra and underwear!"

Frida Gustavsson, May

FG: "I'm the month of May."

Fashionista: That's my birthday month!

FG: "This is so funny! Every time people ask me, they're like, 'That's my birthday month!' Everybody's [born in] May! ...May is one of my favorite months, mostly because I'm born the next month, so I'm like, 'Yaayy, it's almost my birthday!' And I think that like, end of spring/beginning of summer... you know, it's starting to heat up, you can wear shorts, roll up your sleeves... love it. Love it."

Lindsay Ellingson, June

"I love June because it's kind of the start of summer, and summer is my favorite 'cause I'm such a California girl. Last summer I was in Croatia... I try to take a trip somewhere new every summer and just be on the beach!"

Lily Aldridge, July

LA: "What do I like about July? Well, it's the Fourth of July, so that's very exciting! I just love the picnics and the fireworks and all that kind of stuff that happens on Fourth of July. And it's nice and warm and summery, I just love that."

Fashionista: Where do you usually celebrate?

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LA: "Well actually, next year I'll be in the UK during Fourth of July."

Fashionista: That's kind of sad!

LA: "I know! But this year, I was in Tennessee."

Barbara Fialho, August

BF: "I usually am on vacation in August, it's usually when Europe 'closes,' like the fashion industry usually takes a break. If you go to Paris in August, it's like 42 degrees celsius, so people usually go on vacation! It's a month that I get to take like a week off...

Fashionista: Where's your favorite vacation spot?

BF: "Back home in Brazil! I really love it."

Izabel Goulart, September

"September is fashion show time, and right after my holidays! So it's when I'm putting myself together to go out there and give out all the energy I've gotten back on my summer vacation!"

Behati Prinsloo, October

BP: "I'm October! I'm Halloween! I'm so excited."

Fashionista: What do you usually do for Halloween?

BP: "I go full on crazy--with my costume, I mean! I take it very seriously. This year I was a crazy, like, Japanese kind-of biker suicide girl. It was awesome. I basically think of my next costume as soon as I finish my night and what I just did... (laughs) but no, usually like a month before."

Karlie Kloss, November

"I love Thanksgiving! It's all about that Thanksgiving feast, girl. That's what I'm thinking about. My Uncle Mike makes the most amazing mashed potatoes and that's what I'm thinking about right now. Mashed potatoes over turkey!"

Barbara Palvin, December

BP: "This show is my Christmas present! Just that I can be part of it!"

Fashionista: I'm sure you'll get other presents in addition though, right?!

BP: "No! No, this is it. I don't want anything else! And I'm gonna be a naughty Santa today... with wings!"

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