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Exclusive: See Freja Beja Erichsen, Charlotte Free and the Rest of the Maybelline Models Painted To Look Like New York City Scenes

'Tis the season for sexy calendars--and Maybelline's 2013 edition (what, you didn't know there was one?) is no exception.

'Tis the season for sexy calendars.

Pirelli just released its 2013 version and the Victoria's Secret models will be living calendar girls tonight at the televised runway show. And unbeknownst to us until now, Maybelline also produces a limited edition calendar every year. You can't buy it, but it's meant to showcase their models and be an artsy extension of the brand.

We've got an exclusive peek at the very cool 2013 version (shot by Kenneth Willardt) in which Maybelline models Freja Beja Erichsen, Erin Wasson, Charlotte Free, Jessica White, Julia Stegner, Shu-Pei Qin, Kemp Muhl and Emily DiDonato are all body-painted as New York City icons and "scenes." It's pretty conceptual. Think: Freja painted silver to represent the NYC art scene, Charlotte Free covered in international stickers to represent a "melting pot," and our favorite, Emily DiDonato as a very convincing George Washington Bridge.

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