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Exclusive: The Mastermind Behind Choupette Lagerfeld's Twitter Account Revealed

The cat's out of the (Chanel 2.55) bag. @ChoupetteLagerfeld reveals her true identity and tells us how Chanel reacted to the Twitter spoof.

Ever since Choupette Lagerfeld began tweeting at @ChoupettesDiary earlier this year, we've devoured every tidbit about our favorite feline that's been dispatched to the Twittersphere--learning about her likes (daddy Karl, Paris) and dislikes (dogs, her maids) and how she spends her days (namely, being pampered).

And now, after six months of keeping her true identity under wraps, @ChoupetteLagerfeld has finally decided to introduce herself, exclusively to us. Yep, the cat is truly out of the bag.

It's Ashley Tschudin, The Daily's Social Media Director--a job she landed thanks to her Choupette Twitter account. We caught up with Tschudin to chat about why she started the account, and what Chanel had to say about it--the answer may surprise you! Read on.

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Fashionista: Why did you decide to reveal your true identity after months of anonymously tweeting? It’s not easy coming up with cat puns every day! Seriously, after nearly six months of tweeting, I felt that the buzz had plateaued. All good things must come to an end. Did Chanel ever contact you about your tweeting? Immediately following my first tweets, Karl Lagerfeld’s assistant direct messaged me on Twitter to find out who I was. At first, I expected to be asked to shut down the account, but the Chanel team was more than happy to let me continue as long as it was conducted in good taste. Why did you decide to start the Twitter handle in the first place? The day it was released that Choupette had two maids, I laughed at the ridiculousness of it all. Only in the fashion world would this happen. Whether it was out of boredom or a moment of creativity, I knew I had to give the cat a voice (and a catty one at that!). You now have almost 24,000 followers. Did you ever imagine your following would grow so big? No way! Never in my wildest dreams did I imagine industry icons like Karl Lagerfeld & Cathy Horyn would follow Choupette. Once Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar, V Magazine, and Grazia started following the account, I was flattered. There was even talk of a book deal, which was the last thing you’d expect from a spoof Twitter. What was your first reaction when you saw that Karl Lagerfeld was following you? I wondered when I’d be receiving an angry email from Chanel. It never came. While I was honored, as a social media director, I had a sneaking suspicion Karl wasn’t the one writing the @KarlLagerfeld tweets. But you never know! Do you own cats? Are you a 'cat person' or is Choupette your first cat love? Don’t tell Choupette, but I own a Chihuahua named Roscoe. Sorry Dahhhling! How did you get into the mindset of a cat for your tweets? Did you observe cats? Do some method acting? I ask myself “#WWCD?”. Even if I observed cats, none are as refined as Choupette. I heard that you actually got a job out of tweeting as Choupette! Can you explain how that happened? After years of reading The Daily, I was pleased to find the publication following me on Twitter. Next thing I knew I was at their offices interviewing for my dream job as social media director. I should really send Choupette champagne as a thank you. Now that the cat is out of the bag about your identity, will you still continue to tweet as Choupette? Of course! Choupette’s Diary will always have nine lives but with The Daily’s upcoming 10th Anniversary in February, my priorities have shifted from paté puns to chic-isms. You’ll probably be seeing less of Choupette on Twitter. Do you have any plans to meet the real Choupette? If we did meet, I believe we’d have a mutual understanding but the really momentous meeting for me would be the day I get to shake Daddy…uh I mean Karl’s hand.