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We Turned the 'Twelve Days of Christmas' into a Shopping Guide

Let's turn one of the most confusing (and crazy catchy) of Christmas carols into a shopping guide, shall we? We shall.
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Without a doubt, one of the best things about the

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No, we aren't suggesting you purchase a LivingSocial for bongo lessons (nor gifting that to your little brother--holy headache). Instead, channel your inner drummer girl with some military inspired gear.


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Ditto on any sort of musical instrument. But when the weather outside is frightful, you'll still look piping hot in these chic piped items.


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Taking a leap in heels only works if you're Coco Rocha. Soar to new heights in these cute as a button flats.


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Anyone who's ever been six can tell you: There's little in life more fun than twirling in a pleated skirt. We suggest you snag one of these and get spinning.


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Milk is white. These clothes are white--until you inevitably spill hot chocolate on them. Bonus: A floral milk bath. That exists.


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Who doesn't need a little warm weather vaca come winter? You'll be swimming like a swan (or seven) in these sassy suits.


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No eggs here! Instead, some perfect PJs for laying lying around the house--preferably near a fire with some pumpkin pie within reaching distance.


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Nothing abstract about this one, kiddos--though I'll gladly accept any of these as a thank you for dreaming up this wondrous piece (hint, hint...)!


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Did you know the lyrics for this was originally "Four COLLY birds"?? I know, what? Anyway... here are some things with birds on them.


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Some stereotypical French items, no Shake-n-Bake seasoning required.


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I know, I know: A turtle dove is not a turtle, and a turtle is not a tortoise--but in the name of fashion, please humor me for a minute: Tortoise shell--ta-da! Just look at those glasses! LOOK AT THEM!


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Alright, all together...

...And a partridge in a pear tree!