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More Than Just Eye Candy: 10 Fashion and Food Gift Pairings

Anna Wintour’s predilection for chicken pot pies aside, fashion and food have had a notoriously rocky relationship. But we’ve been noticing that the two have been edging closer together. With that in mind, we’ve come up with fashion and food gift pairings--because you've got to feed more than your soul sometimes, right? Click through for everything from the spiciest hot sauce to countless cookies and their natural food and beauty pairings.

Anna Wintour’s

Mice Are Twice as Nice

March of the Penguins

It’s bizarre how certain animals get more play in the fashion industry than others (puppies, I’m still holding out hope for you!) While it was definitely

Hot Stuff

For years, sriracha was the eminence grise (

Candy Bars & Caramels

At first glance, I actually thought these Lorac face kits were chocolate bars. They’re just that beautifully packaged, with four bars of “bullion,” each named for a “flavor,” containing four wells of velvety makeup.

Blackberry Truffle and Toffee Crunch are both eye palettes, Dark Chocolate provides an eyeliner wardrobe, and Berry Kisses an array of rosy and ruddy cheek and lip options. Just as melty and flavor-driven are these handmade buttery, soft caramels from Good Karmal. Each caramel is wrapped with a quote of wisdom, that often seem almost psychically well-timed in terms of appropriateness to life situations (example: “Leap and the net will appear.” –Zen proverb), that I have to resist Instagramming them all. Instead, I have a slew of empty “karmal” wrappers around my bed, ranging in flavors like Sea Salt to Chipotle.

A Rose By Any Other Name Is Just As Sweet

Whether they be in makeup or in petit four, roses by any other name (or usage) are just as sweet.

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The analogy “soft like rose petals” is seriously over-used in beauty but these two products do exactly that. Korres’s Brightening Duo contains a fine-grained exfoliator, that gently buffs your skin using rice grain powder, cherry shell powder, and sugar-citrus extracts. Used in conjunction with the Sleeping Facial, a soufflé of a moisturizer, you wake up with amazing, soft skin. If you want to be truly decadent, you can use ByTerry’s Or de Rose incredibly fragrant body oil, made of 24 karat pink gold. I’ve been rationing my usage of this this like Cipro during an anthrax scare, but even the tiniest bit reveals a warm, lovely, rosy-light glimmer that is a beautiful light-director.

Pair your rosy outlook with Vosges’s pink champagne rose truffles with a rosebud-layered surface. The instructions on their site for enjoying these are almost as intricate as those for

Crackle and Pop(corn)

Lush is like the Willy Wonka of beauty. If you dream it, they can create it. This edible popcorn lip scrub is a particular favorite of mine. You always read about (mostly on

Gingerbread Men...and More

Men are so 1995. At least when it comes to cookie shapes. Why make simple gingerbread men, when you could make GingerDead men, ninjas, or take a cue from Band of Outsiders, and create hipster cookies. (And did you know that Band of Outsiders has a

Milk and Cookies in Your PJs

For me, holiday time means lots of time spent in pajamas (obviously those with elastic waistbands), enjoying milk and cookies. I present to you my favorites in both.

These pajama short sets from Chris Benz (an eBay exclusive) and Eberjey are the ultimate in loungewear—incredibly soft and cute enough to be documented in the annual “Opening Presents” family picture. If you’re in the mood for something less-family oriented, Naveah, a new lingerie brand with old Hollywood inspiration, has a sultry chemise that Elizabeth Taylor would love. Jennifer Zuccarini, a co-founder of Kiki de Montparnasse, started her solo venture, Fleur du Mal, which focuses on innerwear-as-outerwear-if-you-choose lingerie, like this short sleeve silk kimono which can be also be worn as a dress.

As far as cookies go, in my mind there is only one chocolate chip cookie in New York and that is from Levain Bakery. The cookies are softball-sized and boulder-like in diameter, and uniquely crispy on the edges but gooey like a molten chocolate cake on the insides. The best, hands down.

Kookies for a Kause

Here's a food and fashion pairing we didn’t even have to dream up. As if we didn’t have enough reasons to love Karlie Kloss, she’s decided to make a real go of

Amazing Lace

Equally delicate, airy, and meticulously crafted, these Jason Wu x Target/Neiman Marcus ornaments and black sesame lace cookies from the Flour bakery in Boston are a natural match. Much like the unexpected undercurrent of sensuality seen in Wu’s looks--despite their “don’t touch me” exterior--these cookies are deceptive rich and have a satisfying crunch.

Jason Wu Ornaments, $49.99

Lacy Cookie Recipe, free--print it on pretty paper for added panache