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Obviously, Karl Lagerfeld Has Some Thoughts About Scotland

Even though he admitted he'd never been there before last night's show.
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While the Scottish location for Chanel's Métiers d'Art show last night was not completely out of the blue--Chanel recently bought a cashmere mill there and the country's fabrics are an important part of the house's history--Scotland is not exactly a fashion capital.

So, Karl Lagerfeld can be forgiven for having never actually been there before last night's spectacle fashion show. Even so, because he's Karl Lagerfeld, he had plenty to say about the country and its history.

He tells Grazia that it doesn't matter so much what a place is actually like:

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"I love Mary Queen of Scots and I love Scotland,” Karl Lagerfeld said after the show, before admitting he’d never actually been there before. “I’ve been working the whole time but I like what I’ve seen from my hotel window. The city looks very beautiful. But you know I’m not a tourist. I’m not into sightseeing. I like how I think a place is. I don’t have to see what it actually is."

He told WWD's Miles Socha the collection was inpsired not only by "the idea of Scotland," but a combo of Coco Chanel and Mary Queen of Scots, whom he called “two queens of fashion,” adding that Chanel “had a better end” than Mary, since she was not decapitated.

Hmm, was Mary Stuart really a queen of fashion? Some quick Googling shows that in most photos she looks pretty dowdy, but she did evidently have a lot of impressive jewels that she liked to display.

Karl Lagerfeld: genius designer, photographer, and, now, Scottish historian.