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The Best Editorials of 2012

Fashion is always looking for the next big thing--and that means photographers, models and magazines are continuously pushing themselves onwards and
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Fashion is always looking for the next big thing--and that means photographers, models and magazines are continuously pushing themselves onwards and upwards. And boy did they take it to the next level in 2012.

From elaborate sets with A-list celebs, to pared down shoots with models of the moment, the year produced some seriously inspiring editorials.

So click through to check out exactly what topped the charts and made us dream of beachy vacations or high fashion drama.

Vogue Paris, February 2012

Editorial: "Daria Werbowy in Las Vegas" Photographer: Inez & Vinoodh Stylists: Emanuelle Alt, Melanie Ward, and Joe McKenna Model: Daria Werbowy

Why we love it: Of course we adore any editorial that combines Transformers, Céline, Daria Werbowy, an Elvis impersonator, and pink hair extensions. If Las Vegas is as awesome as this editorial makes it seem, we may need to move there.

Vogue Italia, January 2012

Editorial: "The Collections on IVC" Photographer: Steven Meisel Stylist: Karl Templer Model: Karlie Kloss, Gertrud Hegelund, Joan Smalls, Caroline Trentini, Daria Strokus, Natasha Poly, Sigrid Agren

Why we love it: Never lacking wit, Steven Meisel's January 2012 cover story for Vogue Italia is funny, over the top, and very tongue-in-cheek. Maybe QVC will take a lesson on how to sell Balenciaga visors from this one.

Dazed & Confused, October 2012

Editorial: "Holy Flowers" Photographer: Pierre Debusschere Stylist: Robbie Spencer Model: Zuzanna Bijoch

Why we love it: The floral trend has been floating around in magazines for a couple seasons, but this editorial really stands out for trying out a more sentimental and organic approach to how to become one with your floral decor.

Dazed & Confused, April 2012

Editorial: "Animal Attraction" Photographer: Jeff Bark Stylist: Katie Shillingford Model: Bette Franke

Why we love it: Cats and Balenciaga! It's a teenage fantasy come true.

Vogue Italia Couture Supplement, March 2012

Editorial: "A Lady in Spring" Photographer: Paolo Roversi Stylist: Panos Yiapanis Model: Marie Piovesan

Why we love it: Paolo Roversi's melancholy photos with Panos Yiapanos' intense and ornate styling makes for a dreamy and weird couture fantasy, which is really the only kind of couture fantasy you want or need.

Vogue Netherlands, November 2012

Editorial: "Oneindig Schier" Photographer: Annemarieke Van Drimmelen Stylist: Dimphy Den Otter Model: Mirte Maas

Why we love it: "Serenity now," could be the catchphrase for this editorial. No tricks here, just a gorgeous, sparse location and comfy clean clothes. We really want to be Mirte Maas here, don't you?

Interview, October/November 2012

Editorial: "Brad Pitt" Photographer: Steven Klein Stylist: Ludivine Poiblanc Model: Brad Pitt

Why we love it: This is Brad Pitt like you've never seen him before. Channleing characters from a dirty hippie to a John Waters-type gentleman, we like to see Mr. Pitt's full range of characters and kookiness.

Self Service, Fall/Winter 2012

Editorial: "London, July 6 and Paris, July 7" Photographer: Venetia Scott Stylist: Venetia Scott Models: Hilary Rhoda, Karlie Kloss, Constance Jablonski, and Daphne Groeneveld

Why we love it: Venetia Scott is a wonder-woman, clearly, and she's turned Hilary, Karlie, Daphne, and Constance in to retro wonder-women as well. Sexy and sophisticated, this is why we love Venetia Scott's magic.

Flare, October 2012

Editorial: "Mother Earth" Photographer: Juergen Teller Stylist: Sissy Vian Model: Mariacarla Boscono

Why we love it: Sure, we worship the ground Juergen Teller walks on, but the combination of the beautifully pregnant Mariacarla in romantic clothes and Juergen's washed out colors is enough to make nonbelievers swoon.

W, December 2012

Editorial: "Red Hot: Marion Cotillard" Photographer: Tim Walker Stylist: Jacob K Model: Marion Cotillard

Why we love it: Typically actresses get the standard [read: boring] treatment in major mags, but Marion is going full throttle for W. There's a lot of red and it might not be your taste per se, but we appreciate W going all out for this one.

Purple Fashion, Fall/Winter 2012/2013

Editorial: "Indian Summer" Photographer: Katja Rahlwes Stylist: Caroline Gaimari Model: Nadja Bender

Why we love it: You really can't go wrong with Katja Rahlwes and a babe model like Nadja Bender.

Oyster, August/September 2012

Editorial: "Hello Kitty" Photographer: Colin Dodgson Stylist: Stevie Dance Model: Maria Palm

Why we love it: This is by far the best take on the Asian-inspired trend of Spring/Sumer 2012. Bonus: one shot includes an actual Hello Kitty costume.

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Recommended Articles

British Vogue, April 2012

Editorial: "When You Think Young The World Belongs to You" Photographer: Bruce Weber Stylist: Joe McKenna Model: Moa Aberg

Why we love it: This editorial pretty much sums up why everyone in fashion is desperately obsessed with youth. Fly away hairs, hot summer nights, and a romp around a farm finish out this Bruce Weber-lensed editorial in British Vogue, making us wish for a summer of carefree hangouts with our friends.

032c, Fall/Winter 2012-2013

Editorial: "Approaches to the History of Art" Photographer: Alasdair McLellan Stylist: Joe McKenna Model: Edie Campbell

Why we love it: We are always suckers for nerd chic, and this exclusively J.W. Anderson clothed editorials tugs at the heart of the old lady librarian that lives in us.

POP, Fall/Winter 2012-2013

Editorial: "Truisms (Two)" Photographer: Tyrone Lebon Stylist: Max Pearmain Model: Susannah Liguori

Why we love it: Everyone's trying to reclaim the 1990s at the moment, but this take on teenage rebellion is the most modern and fresh on the year.

Vogue, September 2012

Editorial: "The Vogue 120" Photographer: Norman Jean Roy Stylists: Camilla Nickerson, Hamish Bowles, Kathryn Neale, Lawren Howell, Tabitha Simmons Models: Everyone who is anyone

Why we love it: Vogue proved why it's the top fashion glossy with this editorial celebrating its 120th anniversary. Everyone from Phoebe Philo to Karlie Kloss to Kate Upton appears in the ed, meaning it can double as an encyclopedia of who's important in fashion right now.

T Magazine, August 2012

Editorial: "Kerr Goes Kiwi" Photographer: Orlando Bloom Stylist: Ethel Park Model: Miranda Kerr

Why we love it: You can't deny the sweet and romantic feel of Orlando Bloom's portraits of his wife and son. All sentimentality aside, the photos are still just plain gorgeous.

Vogue Paris, August 2012

Editorial: "Matières à Sensations" Photographer: Mario Sorrenti Stylist: Géraldine Saglio Model: Isabeli Fontana

Why we love it: It can be hard to make a beauty editorial stand out of the pack, but Vogue Paris always has daring takes on makeup and skincare. Isabeli Fontana pulling off her skin may haunt your memory for a while, but that's what makes the editorial powerful.

LOVE, Fall/Winter 2012-2013

Editorial: "Waltz Darling" Photographer: Tim Walker Stylist: Katie Grand Model: Kate Moss

Why we love it: This multifaceted editorial creates an intimate portrait of a royal family's countryside home with Kate Moss playing the romantic lead. Each photo is stunning and inspires you to dream up a British fantasy.

Self Service, Spring/Summer 2012

Editorial: "Photography by Alasdair McLellan" Photographer: Alasdair McLellan Stylist: Suzanne Koller Models: Caterina Ravaglia, Karlina Caune, Cara Delevigne, Ondria Hardin, Bambi Northwood-Blythe, Kati Nescher, Anouk De Heer, Daphne Groeneveld

Why we love it: Sometimes all you need to catch a reader's eye is a series of portraits of fashion's top faces of the moment. Pretty and subtle, Alasdair McLellan's images remind us that fashion can be soft, simple--and still aspirational.

Vogue Paris, May 2012

Editorial: "Serie Noire" Photographer: Glen Luchford Stylist: Marie Chaix Model: Malgosia Bela

Why we love it: We're having serious 1980s flashbacks looking at this editorial and we love it. I'm seriously considering a high cut one piece after this one.

Vogue Italia, March 2012

Editorial: "Haute Mess" Photographer: Steven Meisel Stylist: Lori Goldstein Models: Jessica Stam, Abbey Lee Kershaw, Coco Rocha, Lindsey Wixson, Daphne Groeneveld, Karen Elson, Joan Smalls, Guinevere van Seenus,

Why we love it: Whether you love or hate this editorial, you have to admit Vogue Italia, Steven Meisel, and Lori Goldstein pulled out all the stops. Sure, it's bonkers, but fashion wouldn't be fun without a little craziness.

LOVE, Spring/Summer 2012

Editorial: "Nocturnal Moth Catching" Photographer: Daniel Jackson Stylist: Victoria Young Models: Lindsey Wixson, Gina Lapina, Erjona Ala, Codie Young, Daria Strokus

Why we love it: Another beautiful and dramatic editorial from LOVE that left us daydreaming about night walks in a moody forest.

The Gentlewoman, Spring/Summer 2012

Editorial: "Electricity" Photographer: Daniel Riera Stylist: Jodie Barnes Model: Julia Nobis

Why we love it: If only jogging was actually this glamorous. We're indebted to The Gentlewoman for allowing us to dream that exercise can be fabulous.

T Magazine, Winter 2012

Editorial: “The In Crowd” Photographer: Tyrone Lebon Stylist: Sara Moonves Model: Hannah Holman, Kate King, Juliana Schurig, Kremi Otashliyska, Charlene Almarvez

Why we love it: Don't you want to be in a bad girl gang with a uniform of McQueen and Adidas sneakers?