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Why Gossip Girl and Sex and the City Ended With the Same Song: A Theory

Did anyone else notice this???
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The final moments of the last-ever episode of Gossip Girl last night threw me for a loop--not only because it made absolutely no sense that Serena paid no mind to Dan's deceptive double life as Gossip Girl (spoiler alert!) and ended up marrying him--but because the song playing over the sappy montage was the same exact song that finished up Sex and the City in 2004: "You Got the Love."

As previously stated, I recently took up the task--and what a task it was--of watching the entire series of SATC beginning to end in an effort to better understand the men of Manhattan and the surrounding boroughs. After finishing the series this past weekend, I'm still just as clueless. But the one thing I can honestly say I learned was that Florence & the Machine did not, in fact, perform the original version of the song--a valuable lesson I picked up during the closing credits of the last ep. Actually, it was first recorded nearly two decades earlier by The Source and Candi Staton (I know, what?) in 1986.

So why did Gossip Girl feel the need? Were the producers just lazy? Can no other song wrap up a dramedy like this one can? Or was it some sort of a homage? And even if that's the case... why?

Sure, we can draw up some similarities: Both shows took place in NYC, lasted around six seasons, had some amazing wardrobe departments, and at one time or another, guest starred Clueless actor Wallace Shawn. Maybe (probably) this was some sort of subliminal message on the part of the CW to try and get us to watch The Carrie Diaries when it premieres next month--since those extended previews clearly weren't convincing enough on their own...

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