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Writer of Brad Pitt's Chanel Ads Says He's Happy They Got Parodied

Glenn O'Brien made it clear that he has no regrets over that confusing Brad Pitt monologue he wrote.
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After viewing Brad Pitt's befuddling 30-second monologue that Chanel called a "perfume commercial," all any of us have been trying to do is figure out how exactly that...happened.

Brad Pitt, who took home a $7 million paycheck for the gig, didn't offer much help, telling Access Hollywood “I kind of liked it… I respect what they (Chanel) do. They do some really quality things," and that the parodies, which he supposedly hadn't seen, were "absolutely fair play."

SNL spoof-er Taran Killam said the commercial's director, Joe Wright, told him that even he "didn't actually know what they were about either."

So, who's to blame? Probably Glenn O'Brien, who wrote the dialogue (yes, there was actually a script for it). And now, finally, we hear from him. Speaking to The Cut, O'Brien made it clear that he had no regrets.

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On filming the commercial he said:

We shot it in London, and it was directed by Joe Wright, who is fantastic, so for me it was not only a thrill to have Brad Pitt saying words I wrote, but also to work with Joe. Brad’s got a good sense of humor. Whenever you do a commercial with a script, you do a lot of takes, and Brad would do takes imitating Marlon Brando or Dennis Hopper.

Oh, and those parodies? He's totally flattered. In fact, getting parodied is basically his goal in life:

I’ve done quite a few ads that have been parodied, and you always know you’ve really got it made when that happens. I did this campaign for Calvin Klein with Steven Meisel years ago that was considered to be very risqué, and President Clinton spoke out against it, but then we were parodied by Beavis and Butt-Head. And to me, that was the highest compliment.

We guess, in a way, a parody does give more exposure to a brand. I don't remember any other Chanel No.5 ads getting talked about this much. So, good job, then?