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You Can Turn Your Dead Pet's Ashes Into Diamonds

Pet owners are getting creative with the remains of their passed furry loved ones.
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Pet owners are getting creative with the remains of their passed furry loved ones.

In article (brought to our attention by Racked) headlined "That Cat Is a Real Jewel: How Some Furry Friends Stay Precious," The Wall Street Journal has shed light on companies that will turn your departed pet into a diamond or other gemstone for you to wear proudly on a ring, a bracelet, or however you choose, like Natalie Pilon did:

Natalie Pilon's diamond is her best friend.

Every time she looks into the ring on her finger, Ms. Pilon sees Meowy, her late beloved silver cat. Meowy really is there: The ring's two diamonds were made from her cremated remains.

The company that did it, LifeGem, said they've "made more than 1,000 animal diamonds in the past decade, mostly from dogs and cats but also a few birds, rabbits, horses and one armadillo." A pet diamond will cost at least $1,400. Pilon had two blue diamonds made, set alongside a sapphire. "Meowy was kind of a little diva, so I thought two blue diamonds would be a fitting tribute," she told the paper.

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The gemstones are man-made with carbons from the ashes. A pet's hair can also be used. The process can also be done with humans. One psychologist quoted in the story says that "having a physical object like a jewel can help the grieving process" and that "there is a really basic need that people have for permanence and to feel like death is not the end."

"It will be nice to be able to look at the ring on my hand and say there are my kids," said Megan Oswald-Held of a $4,700 three-quarter-carat radiant-cut diamond she had made out of samples from three dogs, one of whom was deceased (they can do it with living pets as well).

Other companies named in the story are PetGems and DNA2Diamonds.

It's certainly a creative idea, and a surprisingly popular one. While I have a cat whom I love a lot, I'm not sure this would be for me.

But, what about you? Would you turn your dead pet into a diamond?

You can read the full article, complete with more stories of pet owners who have turned their pets into jewelry, here.