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Anna Wintour Probably Won't Get That Ambassador Job After All

But apparently she really did want it.

This could be the last we'll hear about Anna Wintour getting an ambassadorship: The New York Times is reporting that the Vogue editrix was told by Washington officials not to expect to get the London post.

Back in November, President Obama hosted a dinner for his top donors at the White House, and the Times is citing "several people close to the White House" as saying that Wintour attended with the hopes of having her appointment as UK Ambassador confirmed.

However, if Wintour thought the post was in the bag, she was sorely disappointed: According to the paper, Washington officials told Wintour that the ambassadorship would almost certainly go to Matthew Barzun, a former tech executive who served as finance chairman on Obama's fund-raising campaign for 20 months. Online betting site Paddy Power did give Barzun odds over Wintour after all.

The paper is also reporting that while Wintour was a potential candidate for an ambassador post in Paris, the Vogue EIC is no longer seeking that appointment. She is "very happy with job at Vogue" a rep said--a line we've heard again and again ever since this story started up.

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