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Beat Your Blue Monday Blues With These Colorful Wardrobe Ideas

Rainbow brights to the rescue! We'll show you how to improve your mood--and your wardrobe--on what's being hailed as the "most depressing day of the year."
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If you've found yourself feeling a little more bummed out today than you did, say... yesterday, there's good reason (and no, not just because the weekend's over): Today is "officially" the most depressing day of the year--otherwise known as Blue Monday. Yes, according to the veritable source that is The Internet, January 21, 2013 falls at the very height of the sad, S.A.D. days of wintertime. Christmas is over, New Year's resolutions are as-yet unresolved, the weather is pretty much abysmal, and suddenly, that winter wonderland we were all so game to sing about only a month ago seems about as truthful as the devastating lie that is Santa Claus.

But don't go running to your shrink just yet! According to the theories of Chromotherapy (also called 'color therapy'), a person's mental, emotional, and sometimes even physical state can be manipulated with the use of color. And naturally, the easiest way to add some color to your life, starts with your closet! As per Meg Hill, author of Color Me Healed! A Practical Guide to Color and Aura Therapy for the 21st Century, "the colors we wear impact both ourselves and those in the environment around us. [Wearing the right hues] can make a positive energetic impact on your mood and outlook, and that of those around you as well."

Hill shared with us her expert insight on dressing to improve our moods on this melancholy Monday, and whichever gray days are sure to follow. So the next time you're feeling blue, make it cobalt--it just might help put things into perspective!

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Looking for an extra boost in self esteem? Hill recommends wearing red, which is "invigorating, empowering, and strengthening. It conveys a sense of power and confidence." What shades should you avoid? "The most depressing colors--dark blues, grays, and black."

If you've been feeling down and out, try wearing yellow. "It's brightening, uplifting, and encouraging, inspiring happiness and achievement," says Hill. We can't disagree: When was the last time you saw Big Bird feeling depressed for more than a few minutes?

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Wearing orange may strengthen and improve your relationships with others, says Hill. "It's harmonizing, unifying, and encouraging, conveying an energy of friendship, joy, and celebration."

Wearing hot pink could give you the motivation--and attention--you feel you've been missing. Hill says the flirtatious shade is "motivating and good-natured. It conveys a sense of momentum, action, and dedication to personal enrichment. Hot pink has a contagiously uplifting, motivating, and attractive effect on others."

Seeking creativity? Hill describes violet and purple shades as "inspiring, reassuring, and enlightening. They promote imagination and original insight" to those who wear them. And you don't have to channel Grimace to ditch writer's block! "It’s not necessary to go overboard by dressing in a rainbow of colors from head to toe," says Hill. "One garment or one statement accessory in an energetically inspiring color will do."

Emerald green is more than Pantone's color of the year, says Hill--it's actually good for your health! Emerald "conveys a sense of health, abundance, and growth. It promotes physical healing." And going green is best if you can see it on your own person: "The rule of thumb for using fashion to avoid depression is to make sure that one thing you wear every day is brightly colored, and within view of your own eyes."

If you're feeling overwhelmed in life, wearing cobalt blue could be a solution. Hill says the hue is "calming, centering, clearing. It promotes intellectual stimulation and intuition, while outwardly conveying a sense of trustworthiness and dependability." We're feeling a little more collected just looking at these cobalt clothes...

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