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Benetton's Latest Campaign Features Actual Clothing, Stars Lea T, Alek Wek, Charlotte Free and More

Benetton ads are always thought-provoking though they rarely make us think about actually shopping there. Until now.
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Since the '80s, Benetton campaigns have never been boring. From world leaders kissing, to Olympic rings condoms, they're always thought provoking if not entirely offensive. Though, they rarely make us think about actually shopping there.

Their latest campaign, shot by Giulio Rusitchelli, at least features models from all over the world wearing Benetton and makes us think about color. It stars big names like Alek Wek, Lea T, Charlotte Free, and Elettra Wiedemann, among others (like gorgeous mixed race British boxing-champion-turned-model Dudley O’Shaughnessy whom you may recognize from Rihanna's "We Found Love" video) each of whom filmed short interviews in addition to posing for the print ads.

From the videos, we learned that Charlotte Free likes to dance around half naked and has synesthesia (we wonder what she relates the color pink to); that colors show how Alek Wek, who speaks in the third person, is feeling on the inside; and that Lea T doesn't keep secrets from anyone.

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