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Dolce & Gabbana Throw Their Support Behind John Galliano

Two more high profile designers are supporting Galliano's comeback.

Last week, Oscar de la Renta welcomed John Galliano into his studio, officially putting his support behind the disgraced designer's return to the fashion industry. Now, two more high profile designers have come forward to also support a potential Galliano comeback.

Stefano Gabbana and Domenico Dolce released a statement to Swide, the lifestyle magazine they produce:

We wish John the best of luck with his return to fashion. We've always been admirers of his flamboyant talent. He has been missed from the fashion scene these two years and we can’t wait to see the collection with Oscar de la Renta.

We don't really know exactly what Galliano will be doing at Oscar de la Renta's studio, so the D&G guys have possibly jumped the gun a bit saying "collection with ODLR," but they're obviously hopeful for Galliano's return. The article goes on to say, "Following Galliano’s anti-Semitic melt down two years ago, we were appalled, but also mourned the defenestration of this flamboyant designer." [Ed. note: More like the defenestration of his career, also, who uses the word defenestration? Excellent.]

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Dolce & Gabbana know a thing or two about controversy. They've been embroiled in a tax evasion court case for years--for which they could potentially face jail time--and caused a ruckus with their spring collection, which many people called racist. Their sympathy makes sense to us.

While Galliano's actions were reprehensible, the fashion community seems to be ready for his return. The comments on our post about Galliano's comeback were overwhelmingly positive, verging on ecstatic. We won't be surprised to see more designers coming out in support of Galliano.