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Downton Abbey Fashion Recap: New Faces and New Disgraces

Downton Abbey continues to thrill us, costumes and otherwise. This week brings a few new aprons in the kitchen, the hot new footman shirtless, and the Dowager Countess with a new look (sort of).

Warning: Many spoilers ahead!

Downton Abbey season three is well under way, and in this episode we got to meet a few intriguing new characters. Hellooooo, hot new footman!

Also Lady Edith is proving, as we predicted, that she'll emerge as the most fabulous Downton daughter, and there's a very sad Les Mis-esque subplot involving a former maid-cum-prostitute who must give up her adorable little boy to his a-hole grandfather. Sniff. As usual, everyone dressed to the nines.

Click through to check out the fashion highlights from Downton Abbey's third episode.

Lady Edith's Outfits:

The ladies of Downton have been recycling a lot of outfits this season. While we appreciate the realism, we hope it changes seasons soon so that we get to see some different dresses. That being said, Lady Edith is winning for most stylish this season. That green velvet dress in the center is a standout, as is the patterned day dress on the left. Also, didn't she bounce back pretty quickly from that whole jilted at the altar thing? Good for her! We love her new campaign of writing strongly worded letters to the editor of the local paper--it's the classier predecessor of trolling blogs and leaving snarky comments.

Lady Mary's Slate Grey Not-Pregnant Dress:

This is the dress Lady Mary wore while decorating the nursery and telling Matthew she isn't pregnant. Why did she look so distressed? Does she not want kids? Is she having a hard time getting pregnant? Isn't it too early in their marriage to be worrying about that? Maybe this is going to be the Khloe Kardashian infertility subplot.

Matching Tiaras:

Dressing up for dinner, in one's home no less, really needs to make a comeback. Loving the matching sparkly tiaras that Lady Mary and her mother pulled out for dinner randomly one evening.

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The Dowager Countess in Boho Chic:

Isn't this a different look for the Dowager Countesss? Very Stevie Nicks. We sort of love it, although we'd pair the top and vest with some skinny jeans and boots.

Poor Ethel:

Ethel used to be the sassy maid until that whole pregnancy thing happened. Now she's Anne Hathaway in Les Mis, except paler (hard to believe it's possible). Poor Ethel. Here she is sending her son Charlie off to live with his grandparents. The one happy note? Charlie is really cute in that newsboy cap.

The New Hot Footman, Jimmy James:

"He looks like a footman in a musical revue."--The Dowager Countess

He looks yummy, if you're into buff, blonde, English blokes. All the maids certainly are, and we suspect Thomas is, too.

Daisy Hates the New Kitchen Maid, Ivy:

Daisy finally gets her promotion, but at what cost? The new kitchen maid, Ivy, catches the eye of Daisy's crush Alfred. We're ready for some kitchen cat fights. On the positive side, did Daisy get a snazzy new apron?